A Work Seekers Grant Is In Development By Government


A new grant is in the works at the National Treasury. This grant would provide additional support for those on the hunt for a job, as finding a job is a job itself. 



President Cyril Ramaphosa has stated that National Treasury of South Africa is currently modelling a new grant to assist job seekers in the country.

The announcement comes after a member of the National Assembly, Vuyani Pambo, asked President Ramaphosa what reasons does Government have for not considering a "work seekers grant" that can assist the unemployed while they job hunt.

"What are the reasons that the Government has not considered a job-seeking allowance which will be given to unemployed graduates and young persons in general who are looking for work as the specified persons spend approximately R1200 on data, printing and transport costs when they are looking for employment that they may not even get?," reads Pambo's question.

Responding to the question, Ramaphosa has said that Government has in fact considered various options to support the unemployed in addition to the many measures that are currently in place, such as the President Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI). 

“A basic package of support in the form of a work-seekers grant that would assist the person in looking for work and travel to interviews actively is being modelled by the National Treasury,” he said.

“The implementation of such an allowance or grant will depend on the availability of funding, taking into account the government’s commitment to the R350 SRD grant that is currently being paid.”

The Department of Employment and Labour and the National Pathway Management Network established under the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention provides free assistance to work seekers, including the compilation of CVs, job preparation, life skills, employment counselling and access to job opportunities that employers have made available.

Other grants have been created and implemented to assist South African's poorest individuals, such as the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, which distributes R350 to recipients, and the Basic Income Grant (BIG), which would provide R624. 

Unemployment is one of South Africa's biggest challenges, particularly amongst the youth





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