World-renowned philosopher comes to SA

A major current theme for schools and particularly high school students is being life smart as well as book smart. At an age and time in life with enormous pressures and uncertainty on how to navigate through life, students couldn’t be more in need of guidance on how to live by choice and not by chance.

On the 29th of July 2018 at The Playhouse Opera Theatre, Durban’s youth are invited to attend the ‘Next Gen Wisdom’ event by Swami Parthasarathy who is recognised as one of India’s most cherished citizens in the past century for his contribution as a philosopher, author and Founder of the Vedanta Academy. The content delivered to attending students will arm them with skills for life that stems directly from an individual that at 91 is living wisdom and leads the way as a resource in imparting the application of philosophy in modern times. These skills will ultimately allow for individuals to live a purposeful life driven by choice versus chance.

Youth are being targeted to attend this once-off Next Gen Wisdom Summit because being at a formative stage of their lives rather than towards the end, they are more open to learn about life and these kinds of important teachings. “The philosophy that I am teaching is a manual on how to live your life. Particularly in today’s world that is full of stress and strain with some countries facing stress levels of individuals being as high as 70%, it’s important to know how to live a peaceful and productive life and not when you’re 75, in the evening of life,” explains Parthasarathy.

It is a privilege for Durban to host such an internationally acclaimed speaking personality who is a TIME magazine feature and a resource for corporations and organisations such as YPO, Harvard and Google. His teachings develop the clarity of thinking needed to maintain harmony in relationships; reduce stress in everyday living; increase productivity at work; develop essential leadership qualities; and gain an insight into the purpose of life.

The inspiring “Next Gen Wisdom” event will equip particularly young South Africans with the skills they need to mould their individual characters and values to handle life’s many challenges. Part of this will entail understanding the difference between mind, intellect and intelligence and between making a life and making a living. The attendees will be afforded the rare opportunity to ask the speaker questions and gain insight into ‘The Fall of Human Intellect’, which is one of Swami’s most recently scribed works.

Swami will be conducting a once-off “Next Gen” wisdom summit in Durban on Sunday 29 July at the Playhouse Opera Theatre at 10am. For more information on how you can book tickets to attend this event where seats are limited:

Call: 066 006 1110 / 072 943 2277