Would a career in finance suit me?

Contrary to popular belief the finance sector is open to anyone who is willing to work hard. Some experts talk about what it takes to pursue a career in finance.

According to professionals the sector is varied, enjoyable and provides plenty of opportunities for innovation.

People of any age, race or education level can work in finance. Regardless of your starting point, “...there is a route for you to get to the top of the industry.”

Finance underpins all good decisions in business. It is the basis on which economies operate.

It impacts all levels of society which means that practically every sector or enterprise requires people with financial expertise.

It can be divided into various subsets such as banking, insurance, investments, financial planning, accounting, consumer finance and stock brokering.

There are many myths that pervade the sector and prevent people from seeking career opportunities.

There is the false notion that only those who are good at maths can work in the industry. “This is just not true for the majority of roles.” While a capacity for interpreting numbers is beneficial, to succeed in the sector you need to be able to work with people.

“The other belief is that you have to have a degree to work in the sector which again is just not true.”

The sector is diverse in many ways, particularly with regard to its people. Professionals from an array of cultures and languages find desirable employment in this field. A diverse staff complement is necessary for financial companies to relate to a varied customer base. “They need different people to come up with different ideas.”

“Also, it is very diverse in the types of services and products that it offers, and the way that is does business.”

There are however a few core disciplines that you should have. These can be described as the foundational disciplines of any career. You need basic numeracy skills and a good command of the English language in order to draft reports, communicate and present your findings.”

Perhaps the most important element of financial services is being a “people's person”. You must be able to talk, listen, understand and care about the concerns of others.

“It's not about sitting at a desk and waiting for the phone to ring, its about getting out there and building relationships.”

It is not unusual for companies to attract clients on the other side of the world. As a result the finance sector offers travel opportunities and the chance to interact with people from vastly different cultures.
The finance sector has great perks and opportunities for people with a passion for helping others and working with numbers.

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