You can't avoid dealing with BEE


With BEE firmly in the spotlight as South Africa awaits the imminent launch of the BEE Codes of Good Practice, the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has responded with the timely offer of a programme focusing on BEE implementation this month.

According to Loyiso Mbabane, Senior Lecturer at the UCT GSB and Director of the programme, it aims to get businesses in shape for the important developments that lay ahead for BEE in South Africa.

"If businesses think they will be able to avoid dealing with BEE requirements they will lose in the long term as competitors will quickly steal a march on them. They need to be able to hit the ground running once new regulations come into place, and, should be developing their strategy and how best they can maximise their BEE scorecard," said Mbabane.

He explains that understanding the scorecard best practice measurement will be a key part of the future of BEE, where companies will be evaluated on several levels.

"It's the science of BEE, and business leaders need to understand that their BEE strategy needs to be broad-based in order to maximise their results. Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development, will play a bigger role than Ownership and Management/ Control - this necessitates that companies plan beyond the top level when it comes to their empowerment strategy."

The specific objectives for this workshop are to:

Understand the rationale and business case for BEE

Get updated on the BEE policy and legislative framework

Evaluate models for putting together and financing BEE arrangements

Explore good practice in critical areas such as preferential procurement and enterprise development

Share experiences and learn from the successes of experts from various sectors of the economy.

Senior lecturer at the GSB, Loyiso Mbabane, will direct this workshop, basing the programme on the three very successful programmes already run. Crucial input will also be sourced from recently developed BEE charters.

Dates 21 - 23 September: GSB Breakwater Campus, Cape Town

Tuition: R7 500
Contact: Junita Abrahams on (021) 406-1323 or [email protected]