Young achiever scoops up ACCA Award


Selwyn Gardiner has always been an achiever. "I was awarded academic honorary colours each year from Grade 8 to 12. In Grade 10, I was the subject specialist for Business Studies as well and Computer Applications Technology. In 2008 and 2010 I was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

I was placed 9th in the Western Cape for my achievement in Computer Applications Technology in 2010. I matriculated with an average of 87% and obtained 6 distinctions. I also passed my first year of University with an average of 89.06% and 17 distinctions,' Gardiner explains.

He was recently the recipient of an Award, sponsored by ACCA South Africa, for the University of Pretoria?s top student in Financial Accounting 111. Selwyn obtained an impressive 95% average: "I would like to extend a personal word of thanks to ACCA South Africa. It is an enormous honour to obtain such an award from one of the most highly respected accounting bodies in the world. It means a lot to me and motivates me even further in my studies. I would also like to personally thank the Head of ACCA SA, Ms Nadine Kater for attending the Awards evening and making the effort to meet me.'

Gardiner is currently enrolled as a second year B Com Marketing Management student. Despite his flair for accounting, he does not have his sights set on becoming a professional accountant. "Although I enjoy Accounting, I decided to study Marketing because that is where my passion lies. It was interesting to see that I was the only Marketing Student at the Awards Evening. This shows my versatility. I am more interested in working with people. I find analysing a product life cycle very interesting and challenging. I also find it interesting finding ways in which to introduce or revive a product.'

Gardiner attributes his success to God: "Without His guidance and endless support I would not be where I am. Secondly, my family also plays an important role even though they stay in Cape Town. I feel I owe a great deal of my success to my parents for laying a solid foundation, as well as the support provided by my brother, Vaughan.

The fact that they live in Cape Town makes it difficult for them to always support me. I also attribute my success to self-discipline and self-motivation.'

Although he does not have a role model as such, Gardiner looks up to his parents, Ophelia and Vivian Gardiner. "They are the strongest people I know. Our family has been through really though times, but they always kept believing and kept us strong. This is something I admire and strive towards. One must never give up.'

Within the next five years he plans to have completed his Honours degree in Marketing. "I would love to be working at a corporate company as a Marketing Manager or a Marketing Consultant, working my way up the corporate ladder, using my talents and making a difference in the Marketing Industry and the corporate environment,' he informs.

Gardiner urges young South Africans to make the best of every opportunity: "You only get this opportunity once in your life. You should make the best of every opportunity. Work hard and be self-disciplined, because nobody can motivate you like yourself. Building your own future is the best investment you will ever make. I always believe in the saying: knowledge is power.'