Is your attitude working for you?

To get your interviewer's attention you need to go beyond the ordinary and give them a reason to hire to you. How do you do that? With attitude.

The ability to manage your time, communicate with others or work in a team are well-documented as the type of skills employers look for in new recruits.

However there is one quality that employers desire just as much as good skills and training, that is the right attitude.

What does it mean to have the “right attitude”?

In her video 'The number one quality employers look for in candidates' recruitment specialist Arit Eminue explains.

“An employer can teach the skills they need but they can't do anything about your attitude.”

Here is Eminue's list of behaviours that demonstrate a good attitude.

Have a “Can do” Attitude

“People with a can do attitude, they're not afraid to do things that are below their pay grade.”

It means being prepared to do whatever is required, even if the task does not fall under your job description.

According to Eminue having a flexible approach to work will gain you respect.

Be Teachable

Whether you graduated at the top of your class or have 20 years of work experience there is always room to grow.

“People with a good attitude are curious, they know that nothing stays the same.”

Teachable people are interested in industry news as well as learning and developing on a personal level. They are able to take constructive criticism.

“If you've got a know it all can potentially make yourself redundant.”

Stay Motivated

“Excellence is not a skill it is an attitude.” - Ralph Marsden

Do you take pride in your work? A motivated employee seeks to do every task well, whether big or small.

“Keeping a good attitude means that you can push deal with those mundane tasks.”

You can't really be trusted with bigger projects if you can't handle the smaller stuff, says Eminue.

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