Your project in review


You finally reach the end of a long and arduous project and the last thing you want to do is review your performance, so why should you?

According to Project Management specialist Dennis Comninos project reviews are an essential part of the process.

He explains that reviews are often neglected because they are perceived to be a waste of time.

In fact "all meetings tend to be regarded as a necessary evil and waste of valuable time." But a thorough review will save you massive amounts of time and energy in the long run.

"During the process of delivery when a problem arises the inclination is to fix things quickly without a thorough examination of what is really happening."

This may provide a temporary solution but these quick fix methods often lead to problems further down the line.

"A project review makes us stop and think whether it was luck or a solid guess."

Comninos points out that project reviews provide a sense of closure, help to tie up loose ends, capture experiences and knowledge and motivates the team.

He lists the 5 major benefits of Project Reviews, which are:

  • To retain and transfer knowledge to the next phase or project
  • To identify and archive lessons learnt

  • To obtain sign off from clients on deliverables
  • To make sure any outstanding tasks are assigned to the right people
  • To officially close off the phase or project
  • According to Comninos emphasis is disproportionately placed on the initial meeting or beginning stages of the project.

    "What is equally important though is the close out meeting or post mortem at the end of a project."

    How do you make your Project Review successful?

    According to Dennis Comninos the key is "preparation".

    He advises project managers to brief attendees on the goals of the meeting beforehand.

    Leaders would also do well to prepare for any possible controversial matters that may arise during the review. Comninos suggests using a neutral facilitator in order to moderate the meeting.

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