Which Vaccine Should I Take?

"We have a number of vaccines that have been demonstrated to be safe, efficacious and to be manufactured with high quality. And so, any of these vaccines are ones that are going to actually protect you. If you live in a country where there's more than one vaccine in the program, you should consider yourself lucky that you have access to the vaccine. And when it's your turn to actually get vaccine, that's the time when you should get it and and accept what vaccine is offered to you." - Dr. Katherine O'Brien from WHO

Are The Vaccines Developed From Parts Of Viruses?

According to WHO’s Dr Katherine O’Brien, "on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis, our immune systems are seeing all kinds of viruses that come at us in our noses, in our mouths, in our intestinal track on our hands. What's out there and readying itself for when it's exposed to something that could be causing disease. What the vaccines do is they provide to the immune system a small part of a germ that we know can cause disease. And it's training the immune system so that it is completely ready when it actually sees that particular germ."

How Does The Vaccine Work?

"Vaccines, what they do is they are a part of the germ that our body can recognize and develop an immune response to so that the next time that we see the real germ, there are already fighters in our body to protect us against the infection." - Dr. Katherine O'Brien from WHO



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