CIPS Re-Recogised By South Africa’s Highest Qualifications Oversight Body



The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the country’s highest oversight body for the National Qualifications Framework, has bestowed re-recognition status on the Chartered Institute for Procurement & Supply.



Article from: The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

The SAQA recognition is the ultimate stamp of approval for CIPS as a professional, credible and legitimate procurement and supply training organisation operating in South Africa

The accolade is significant as it comes amid dire skills shortages in the procurement and supply sector which simultaneously is having to negotiate technological advancements like AI and an ever-changing global dynamic.

Incidents such as the current attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, which are forcing shipping companies to re-route traffic away from the region, highlight the need for procurement and supply chain professionals to be trained to respond quickly and effectively.

CIPS, the world’s largest professional body for procurement and supply professionals, is excelling in this regard.

“CIPS Southern Africa’s re-recognition by SAQA for another five years reaffirms our commitment to excellence in procurement and supply chain management and related ethical practices,” says CIPS Southern Africa General Manager Paul Vos.

As the sole SAQA-recognised professional body for procurement and supply chain management in the region, we affirm our unwavering commitment to enhancing professional standards, nurturing industry expertise, and fostering sustainable value throughout South Africa.

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