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Are you looking for SDF training? Assessment College are offering a comprehensive Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) course based on a suite of seven unit standards. The training course takes place over eight days, divided into two sessions of 4 days each.

To be a moderator of assessment, you must be registered
To register you need a certificate against the unit standard:
Moderate Outcomes-based Assessment

How well known is the National Qualifications framework (NQF)? And, more importantly, is it trusted? Assessment College MD Gerda Magnus addresses these issues and proposes that communities of trust become necessary when the levels of trust in the NQF are low.

Assessment College's Mariatta van Rooyen has been having a few problems dealing with their ETQA. "In March 2005 we received 3400 letters of endorsement from the ETDP Seta. We could only post out 590 of these, as the rest were duplications". Don't worry, there's more...


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