Des Squire

Diversity in companies can sometimes bring about problems because people
are different. It is then up to management to create an environment that
brings harmony and togetherness.

Procedural fairness in the workplace is based on company policies yet many managers are ignorant about these guidelines and fail to apply these principles in their management practices. Des Squire highlights the importance of following the proper procedures.

Job profiles guide employees in their roles, tell employers what to expect and assist HR in the recruiting process. Des Squire discusses the elements of a good job profile by using the Organising Framework for Occupations as a foundation.

In today?s competitive job market, companies are spending a great deal of time, resources and money to ensure the screening, interviewing and selection effort delivers high-quality candidates who are capable of producing the desired results. Des Squire provides guidelines for this process.

The goal of workplace training is to empower the employee but identifying training needs in the workplace can be a very challenging process which requires effective skills analysis. Des Squire talks about how to match the right training to the right employee.

FET colleges are designed to provide learning programmes that develop the skills needed in the South African economy, and post-matric students are being encouraged to explore this avenue of higher education. Des Squire talks about the purpose of FET colleges in a country wracked by skills shortages.

Government guidelines for the NQF are aimed at "strengthening the nation?s education and human resource base' which will fulfil the overall objective of constructing a high quality responsive South African education training and skills development system.

Des Squire discusses the functions and purpose of workplace forums and the correct way for employers to engage with employee committees about company policy,which can include anything from rules of conduct to the criteria for merits and bonuses.

Is a lack of loyalty or low morale hindering productivity in the workplace? Adequate communication channels and effective employee forums could change the way the workforce performs. Des Squire talks about the functions and benefits of establishing committees and forums in the workplace.

What is the difference between poor performance and misconduct? De Squire shares his insights on these very different concepts and how to deal with this behaviour in the workplace.



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