Desiree Hugo, Academic Head at ADvTECH Schools, points out that it’s important for parents and teachers to stimulate neuroplasticity in children from a young age, when the brain is more flexible and adaptable. She says not only is this window of opportunity the best time to inculcate a child’s love for learning and expose them to opportunities to learn, but also to develop their thinking abilities.

Every year, thousands of South African children are not placed in schools due to inadequate capacity. This has been exacerbated by the semigration of parents hoping to find job opportunities in major economic hubs like Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape following the pandemic, with nearly 60% of the South African population living in these three provinces.

Short courses are often flexible, cost-effective and time-efficient, allowing students to upskill themselves or gain knowledge to advance their careers and job prospects. The IQ Academy offers several short courses that can assist individuals to boost their employability in their respective fields. 

Missing a school application deadline in the Western Cape limits the schools your child can secure placement at. However, the education department is obligated to ensure your child has a place at a school regardless of whether or not you missed the deadline.


A recent survey shows that more parents are struggling to pay school fee payments, as they battle to make ends meet. This has led to some parents not making any school fee payments.


The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) intends to use its R63,4 billion budget to improvise and create more equitable education in the province. MEC Matome Chiloane tabled his maiden budget vote on Friday. 

The school admission application period has concluded in the Western Cape. Parents in the province have been urged to update their login credentials to ensure they can see which school their children will attend in the coming days.

The admission application period for the 2024 school year is now open in the Northern Cape. Parents of school children in the province have one month to complete the admission application and secure their child's space at a school.


While the official admission application period for public schools in the Western Cape is closed, work must still be done before learners know which school they will attend during the 2024 school year. The education department has revealed when admission activities will take place to ensure all learners are placed.

Parents of learners in KwaZulu-Natal are encouraged to submit admission applications before the closing date. There are just a few months left for parents to submit applications for the upcoming school year.


Referred to as the foundation of all learning, literacy is crucial to the development of individuals as it facilitates effective communication and allows people to interact with the world around them. However, millions of adults still lack literacy skills which inhibits their economic and social progress.


Parents of learners in the Western Cape have just a few hours left to apply for the admission of their children at schools in the province. The application website will close at midnight on Friday.


Schools will be welcoming back teachers and learners on Wednesday as the second term of the school year gets underway. Learners will spend the next 11 weeks in the classroom before the next school holidays.


While the 2023 academic year enters its second term, preparation is already underway for the 2024 school year. Parents in one province have just one week left to apply for admission on behalf of their children. 

The 2022 matric examinations saw hundreds of Grade 12 learners and several invigilators involved in cheating allegations. The education department says good progress is being made with ongoing investigations.

The Eastern Cape is home to one of the biggest school infrastructure backlogs and the issue of pit latrines is still much a big problem in the province. Recent calls to government have increased to do more to rid South Africa of pit toilets.

The Department of Basic Education is progressing with its plans to introduce a new school certificate for Grade 9 learners in South Africa. However, the full roll-out has now been pushed back to a later date.

The minister of basic education has set the record straight on who is responsible for determining teacher salary increases. This came after they faced questions regarding the employment of teachers.

There are few tools as valuable as setting goals and constantly measuring a student’s progress against these goals in ensuring a successful academic journey, an education expert says.

Many matriculants are satisfied with the results they achieved in their Grade 12 exams. However, matriculants who are unsatisfied with their results can potentially improve their marks without having to rewrite their exams.





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