Employee Training

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Providing training and development opportunities for employees is a critical part of the
business process. Do you want to grow your company? Start by preparing your people
for the challenges ahead.

Research shows that training impacts the bottom line, and investment in employee
development helps drive business performance in every way that matters. Yet the
perennial question remains. Why do employees not perform after receiving training?

South African companies should not treat e-learning as a one-size-fits-all solution for
training employees in new business systems and processes, but instead regard it as
one tool of many for making their business strategies come to life.

We continually ask our businesses to find a budget for learning and
development yet we seldom if ever, show value for what we do in the learning
space. Darryn Van Den Berg talks about return on investment.

Helping your employees understand that training is an investment in their
future with the company helps them to be more open and responsive to the
training itself.

Employee training holds benefits for both the business and the employee but getting buy-in from staff is not always easy.

Some companies are hesitant to spend money on training employees just in
case they move on and take their knowledge elsewhere, but what if
you don?t invest in your talent and they stay?

Employees are expected to be productive at work which leaves very little
for keeping up with developments in their
sector. This is bad for the employee and bad for business, but effective
employee training can solve this dilemma.

Every employer wants to see a significant increase in employee performance as a
result of training. How do you guarantee improved productivity? Follow this five step
process to develop an effective training programme and ensure that you get a return
on your investment.



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