The job market today is a network-driven environment and is highly competitive by nature, submitting applications- landing an interview and simply landing the job is a scarcity and the expectation for it to be that simple, is quite frankly, unrealistic.

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The challenges associated with finding employment are probably more daunting to first time job seekers, who do not know the jobsearch landscape and don?t know what to expect, but the search should be treated as a
journey, not a series of attempts.

A Universum study examines the career expectations and preferences of
students in South Africa and highlights some interesting insights into how the
youth perceive their prospects after graduation.

Engineers, managers, teachers, legal staff and skilled trades are the hardest
positions to fill. Despite the high number of graduates each year, young
people are struggling to secure employment because they don't have the
skills required by employers.

In order for a team to function effectively every team member must play their part.
This requires a thorough understanding of individual roles within the team and open
communication between members.

High paying middle class jobs are no longer waiting to be found by semi-skilled
individuals. Graduates will need to "invent? a job if they hope to find a
place in the overcrowded labour market.

There is a disconnect between what employers want and the skills and knowledge of
fresh graduates. However forward thinking entities are discovering that replacing this
missing link can drastically improve employment prospects for new graduates.

Employees must be managed in such a way that it will enhance efficiency
and profitability, which implies creating and implementing regulated standards of
behaviour. Anja Hartman talks about how to turn nonperforming employees into
productive team members.

The concept of cross-border employment is growing in popularity as skills shortages continue to plague the country but many businesses and individuals are unaware of the legalities surrounding foreign workers. Manpower MD, Peter Winn talks about the intricacies of moving and employing staff globally.



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