The first completed Gautrain train set was unveiled and given a test drive at the Gautrain depot in Midrand, its operational home. The milestone occasion was attended by 150 invited guests and the media who were able to for the first time view the Gautrain?s world class features.

A subsidence occurred along the northbound lane of Oxford Road, causing a one metre deep sinkhole to form. In July, a portion of the road collapsed between North Road and 8th Avenue during drilling for the Gautrain several metres underneath the road.

Production on the Gautrain?s first locally assembled rapid rail vehicle has brought renewed hope for Nigel?s economic revival. The Union Carriage and Wagon Partnership?s (UCWP) this week said it had employed more workers to help with the local assembly of the Gautrain vehicles at its Nigel plant, east of Johannesburg.

For the first time, the public will be able to get an inside picture of what is going on under their city at a special Gautrain Exposition at Sandton City. The Gautrain is the subject of a special exhibition being held at the Sandton City banking mall from 2-8 September, reports

Gauteng's East Rand is set to benefit from the spin offs of the Gautrain, with 81 out of 96 of the high-speed train's coaches to be assembled at the Union Carriage and Wagon (UCW) plant in Nigel, to the east of Johannesburg.

Work is surging ahead on the Gautrain, with tunnels being dug and bridges being built by Hakuna and Matata, 400-ton cranes.

Construction work on the Gautrain has gone underground, with a 160-metre, 885-ton tunnel-boring machine set to tackle the rock under central Johannesburg


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