Despite the increasing focus on digital, many marketers are struggling to
break into the digital sphere. Three online specialists share their expertise
about the growing digital space.

Professionals will receive nationwide access to part-time, credit-bearing
courses through the new online programmes offered by the University of Cape

If you can identify a product that is produced particularly well in your country, but does not yet exist in a country where it will be demanded, this provides a perfect business opportunity. Pierre Heistein talks about the purpose and benefits of trade.

In today?s tough market conditions, ensuring that a company?s resources are utilised in a way that maximises efficiency is critical to its success and profitability. Greg Evans talks about the role that project management plays in reaching this objective.

Rewarding your employees is important as it will help them to stay motivated and competitive, and can act as a sort of training tool, showing them what kind of behaviour is met with rewards, and what isn?t.

Media skills such as blogging, online reaserch, basic coding and the ability to reconfigure images in photshop have become a necessity for professionals in the media, PR and management fields. Anna provides insight on these new age skills.

Matrics who don't have the opportunity to study further should thoughtfully review the many alternatives, when planning for the future. Anna Malczyk highlights four options available to schools leavers that could be the entryway to a prosperous career.

What does it take to become a paralegal? If administration is your strong point and you are looking for something a little more challenging than picking up the phone and putting it back down again perhaps a career as a paralegal is the answer. Learn more about the responsibilities and the opportunities available in this profession.

Project management is no walk in the park as seen on 'The Apprentice' which shows the realities of leading teams and the challenges project managers face when attempting to simultaneously organise, delegate and deal with a variety of personalities.

Through an exciting new partnership which aims to make quality education accessible to all South Africans, Eduloan in collaboration with Getsmarter will offer study loans for the value of the online university courses which could result in payments of R180 per month over 36 months for students.



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