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National Treasury will need to identify more than R37 billion to cushion the impact of implementing wage increases for public service workers. Worker unions agreed to a 7,5% increase in April for public service workers.

Employees are part of the delivery of the product and service. Their performance, commitment, and loyalty to the job are critical and can be boosted through successful HR management.

At the start of the academic year, university students tend to make decisions without carefully considering the purpose and potential consequences that these decisions will hold for themselves and the people close to them. 

If there’s any advice on the running of your company that you should be fully amenable to in the time ahead, the advice related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters should rank highest, reveals Jeremy Bossenger, director at BossJansen Executive Search.

If you’re based in the talent-sourcing niche, it can be distressing to see skilled senior staff members at listed corporations emigrating en masse for the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even Canada. But there’s a notable silver lining.

Do you enjoy interacting with different personalities and a good communicator? If you are someone who likes to resolve relational problems, then a career as a Human Resource Professional could be a great one for you.

There are four key HR functions that are necessary for your company to be successful. Every one of these functions is crucial to the success of your business.

Employees are taken on to perform fundamental functions in a business and contribute towards the overall success of the operation. However, should an employee turn out to be problematic, your business stands to lose more than just time, money and effort. Understanding how to avoid making a poor hiring decision is, therefore, vital during the recruitment process.

Lack of awareness of Constitutional and labour law protections of employees from foreign countries has prompted many employers to mistreat illegally employed staff. That is, employers have paid illegal immigrants low wages, deprived them of employee benefits and have dismissed them at will.

The field of human resources has many areas of specialisation. But all HR professionals started out learning the broad spectrum that encompasses the field. Across South Africa, various educational institutions and training providers offer introductory courses in the principles of human resources management. For those readers interested in a career in HR, here's information on what those courses would cover.

As the management of people and resources becomes more 'precious' to the success and competitiveness of business, organisations must learn to accurately identify and resolve common employee issues such as clarity around roles, poor skills and low morale says Deolinda Delcarme.




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