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Despite an almost full return to the office, it seems Friday's have been ceded to the work from home advocates as a compromise - without productivity falling in a heap. 

Meeting deadlines, overwhelming duties; these are some of the main causes of stress in the working environment. Here's Academy Training Group's tips on how to handle pressure in the workplace.

Most virtual meetings aren’t stimulating enough to keep people alert - overall people reported sleepiness levels 28% higher in virtual meetings compared to face-to-face meetings. But there are strategies to create more productive calls and keep cognition healthy and high. 

In today's dynamic and competitive professional landscape, the concept of work readiness has emerged as a pivotal determinant of success for individuals entering or navigating the workforce. As industries evolve and demands shift, the ability to seamlessly transition from educational settings to real-world employment becomes increasingly crucial.

As more organisations understand that the workplace landscape has permanently changed, the focus in 2024 will be less on how many people come into the office and more on how the office can support people’s needs according to Linda Trim, Director at Giant Leap, one of SA’s largest workplace design consultancies. 

Having goals at the start of a new year is important. Of course, setting them is easy. However, achieving and maintaining them always prove to be difficult. Dr Annemarie Lombard, Founder, Thought Leader, Workshop Facilitator, and Author at Sensory Intelligence Consulting gives 5 tips on enhancing a work environment.

There is a growing gap between what employees say and do when it comes to office working according to Linda Trim, Director at Giant Leap, one of SA’s largest workplace design consultancies.

Few seasoned business travellers still regard multi-day work trips with the enthusiasm their younger selves did. In fact, business travel leaves most people exhausted and not exactly energetically productive.

Change strategies are crucial in various scenarios, including when an organisation suffers from market disruptions, significant growth, or restructuring. Change initiatives fail more often than projects do, change initiatives fail about 80% of the time.

Finding the right employee for your business is tough. Keeping the employees you’ve found can be even tougher.

Employees are easy to find. But great employees are scarce. We’re not just talking about people who show up at work on time and complete all their tasks.

Most people tend to avoid disagreements in the workplace and even more so with a senior colleague. Here's how to tackle a disagreement with someone senior to you in your workplace.

Once you are out of school and finished your tertiary education, you really don’t expect to encounter bullying, but the sad reality is that bullying is rife in the workplace.

At some point in your career, it’s likely you’ll need to expand your team. When that happens you’ll want to hire the best people.

We all have crucial conversation moments, in the workplace, at home and in social gatherings. Here's how you should tackle these crucial conversations.

According to a survey of time use conducted by Stats SA, South Africans spend roughly 121 minutes per day participating in meetings, which amounts to over 10 hours a week – a quarter of the average 40 hour work week. This wouldn’t be a problem if all these hours spent in meetings were somewhat productive or resulted in billable action down the line. However, due to vague agendas, misaligned objectives or a general lack of focus among attendees, this is seldom the case.

What makes a team toxic and how do we avoid it from happening? Anne-Marie Pretorius, consultant at Bizmod has some answers for us.

As the year that was 2022 wends to a close, those who have focused on people management over the months prior will likely be thinking about how they can bring even better structures and levels of productivity to the fore in 2023, says Charles Edelstein of Executive Placements.

We all know the end of the year fatique. In the workplace, our fatigue levels have been compounded by several changes - made since the pandemic, often implemented in haste and incorrectly. As a coach, trainer and co-founder of We Do Change, Rochelle Roos shares her top ten concepts to apply.

Part of your job is to make the boss look good, but how can you do that if you are dealing with a difficult boss? How do you make sure you are not adding to the problem? 




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