Leadership and Management

The latest report on business leadership trends casts some interesting light
on the global executive mindset, but integrity, communication and a positive
attitude still comprise the basic qualities of a good leader.

The countdown to the closing date for registrations for the South African leg
of the Global Business Challenge, which is designed to identify the business
leaders of tomorrow, has started.

There are four essentials qualities that every leader must posses in order to
succeed. A lack in any of these areas will lead to direct failure says Des

Do you know how to set realistic goals and achieve them? As a business
leader you are required to help the business move forward and expand, a
business coach can guide you down the right path.

Technology, globalisation and workforce demographics are changing business
structures and ethics. Leaders are have to do more than adapt to these changes,
they are expected handle issues and crises calmly, make tough decisions and above
all, lead by example.

Leadership philosophy and the basis of good management can be explained by this
simple thought; if the entire organisation, from the board down, is not playing by the
same rules, with the same goals in mind, you can expect trouble.

The UCT Graduate School of Business recently launched a book that challenges the
ontology of contemporary business. In the play that started the launch, Giraffe and
Hyena discussed the need for business for the betterment of society - business driven
by values.

Executives can hone their compasses and develop their organisations? ability to
leverage core competencies by focusing on five key touch points of global leadership.
Mark Peters provides a break down of these key points.

How effective are our leaders in the ever changing and chaotic business environment
of the 21st century? Organisations need to ask this question if they hope to see the
business grow through optimum employee performance.

New research shows that Africa is lacking in high-quality managers with the skills and
competencies to capitalise on the continent?s economic potential. Part of the problem
lies in the type of management that does exist: the continent needs to produce
managers that are suited for Africa?s requirements.



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