Are you thinking of learning a new skill or taking up a hobby? Becoming a
learner again can be an intimidating task, but understanding how the learning
process works will help to eliminate some of the fears and frustrations
involved with learning.

Whyte and Mackay master blender Richard Paterson believes that teachers and parents should be discussing alcohol with children in the classroom. Paterson believes that regular parent-child chats about the dangers of alcohol misuse can educate and inform at a young age. Leaving it to the teenages years may be too late.

The Shuttleworth Foundation will keep a close eye on the decisions of publishing giant, Pearson PLC, as it restructures its Maskew Miller Longman Holdings publishing house in South Africa.
Pearson PLC has recently announced that it is increasing its stake in Maskew Miller Longman Holdings, which is also owned by Harcourt Education, and that it is restructuring its local business operations.

It is an open secret that the Departments of Education and Labour have long been at odds on who enjoys primacy when it comes to addressing South Africa’s skills shortages. But, writes Jim Freeman, there are encouraging signs of a thaw in relations - not only on a political level but also, and much more importantly, in the actual halls of learning.

A coalition of educators, foundations, and internet pioneers are urging governments and publishers to make publicly-funded educational materials available freely over the internet. Mark Shuttleworth is promoting the campaign strongly as he believes that the success of open technology platforms such as Linux shows that how powerful open education will be.

Holistic Advancement look into the various stages of learning, and explain how their product will help to engage your workforce with their workplace in a new and more productive way.


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