performance appraisal meeting

Restructuring is often associated with negative connotations and the mere mention of
it can cause disruption and unrest amongst employees and other stakeholders. The
key to change is an integrated approach.

Successful businesses are built by successful people. Poor management of any sales
team will in effect see the result of poor profitability. As the saying goes, attitude
reflects leadership. Nowhere is this more obvious to see than amongst an
organisations sales team.

People don't leave companies, they leave managers. Or so the saying goes.
While there's little to love about a mean boss, sometimes such managers are
the unfortunate side-effect of your dream job or that awesome company
you've always wanted to work for.

As business executives become increasingly stretched for time, lengthy
strategy programmes are being supplemented or even replaced by much
shorter management interventions, such as the more unconventional Reboot.

Well-trained managers are not only more confident and effective but can save
their companies large amounts of money by implementing newly acquired
business acumen.

Companies, in particular HR, face a monumental challenge to create and
maintain a productive workforce given the draconian labour laws, the
staggering absenteeism and the sobering employee theft, fraud and
corruption statistics in the country.

If you have ever attended a management development course or are
involved in such training, then you know what POLC stands for; yes planning,
leading, organising and controlling. Have you ever thought about how these
things are actually trained?

Is the problem with South Africa's schooling system rooted in its poor
leadership? Delani Mthembu believes the place to begin solving South Africa?s
education shortfalls is at the top.

As a manager do you understand your role in the organisation? This is one of the top ten things every manager should know to effectively perform their duties and develop a motivated and productive workforce.



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