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Technological innovation has changed more than just the way we live and work – it is also deeply impacting the way we learn. It’s hardly surprising then that, in their Global Shapers report, the World Economic Forum predicted that online learning is “the future of education”. LUCINDA JORDAAN talks to Dr Cecelia Rosa, Head of Teaching and Learning at IMM Graduate School.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were hailed by some as the "next big thing", but are they really? In this article, we will examine the ways in which MOOCs are indeed changing the face of education as well as the challenges facing the world of online education as we ask ourselves: is the future of education massive, open and online?

If you are entering the job market, learning to speak a third language will
improve your skills set and increase your chances of securing employment in
the new year.

The MediaShop, a specialist provider of expertise in media, strategy, planning, digital
and outdoor advertising, recently invested in the services of iLearn, a national
specialist provider of onsite instructor-led and online elearning training methodologies,
to strengthen their intellectual capacity

With over 650 million mobile subscribers in Africa, research indicates that Africans
have more access to handsets than they do to bank accounts and one education
specialist believes free online education is the way forward.

The move toward anchoring university course delivery in modern interactive online technology is aligned with international trends and marks a turning point for tertiary education in South Africa.

The Entrepreneurs? Organisation is a membership-based global organisation of over 8000 successful business owners. Having been launched in 2010 during the peak of the economic crisis it has grown in leaps and bounds to establish itself as the second fastest growing chapter in the world.

Changing business environments demand skilled and knowledgeable employees. HR professionals are encouraged to look for flexible training programmes that add value by improving practical application in the workplace.

Making education more accessible to South Africans is pivotal to the goal of up-skilling the nation and growing the economy. Through their free online education initiative Regenesys Business School is making access to quality educational resources a reality for people around the world.

E-learning provides a compelling solution to the increasingly difficult demands that businesses face on a day to day basis. Speed, simplicity and cost-effectiveness are just some of the benefits of e-learning that companies of all sizes can enjoy.

While extra maths lessons can be expensive and difficult to fit into already busy schedules, a cost-affordable solution "YouCanDoMaths? is now available online in both English and Afrikaans.

iLearn is an online training course that provides a cost-effective and innovative training experience allowing participants to interact, share and communicate with other students, making learning more memorable and rewarding.

Free education for all is becoming more than a catchy phrase as universities around the world are making entire courses available online.

Research shows that over 4.6 million students enrolled for online courses in 2008, a 17 percent increase on the numbers reported for the previous year. Despite global economic challenges, 2009 saw yet another increase. Edexcel's Ian Yoell believes that a combination of online and traditional learning offers the best of both worlds for students.

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