Project Management

Since 2009, Faculty Training Institute (FTI) has assisted in guiding an Africa-
based energy company in their project management learning and

People who want to advance their skills in the field of project and portfolio
management can do so through the training courses based on Microsoft
technologies offered by the Project Group (TPG) Africa.

Project management is not so much a science as an art, says expert Dennis
Comninos, as business turns towards talent over technicians as the
differentiator of great project managers.

When it comes to project management, a major challenge to IT executives
their teams lies in having to maintain focus on the end deliverable and not be
sidetracked by small issues as they arise.

Project managers can obtain an internationally recognised certificate and
receive practical real-world based training through the new TPG Africa training

One of the major hurdles companies face in being able to extract the
maximum value from their project management infrastructure and strategies
is perception - or, in fact, misperception of project management in practice. It
is time to debunk inaccurate theories and expose myths.

When it comes to the implementation of hardware and software in business, it
is important to secure harmonious interaction between supplier and purchaser
to ensure successful project rollout.

With key game-changing trends including collaboration, mobility, unified
communications, the Cloud and the internet of everything, companies are
compelled to work smarter - using their expertise and the right technology.

Projects tend to come and go, whereas the very best project managers can
leave a lasting legacy - if they follow a proven recipe, a guideline of what
constitutes quality from those in the know.

Healthy project management has an essential role to play in Africa?s infrastructure
expansion and many project managers will be sourced from South Africa due to its
position as a key development power on the continent.

Project management is heavily reliant upon experience for successful rollout. This
means that the brief given to HR managers to acquire the services of a project
manager is to find someone who has proven experience.

It has become apparent that infrastructure development in Africa is central to its
progression. Healthy project management therefore has an essential role to play in
Africa?s infrastructure expansion projects.

The exact failure rate of projects in a business and corporate environment is difficult to capture, but studies place it somewhere between 40% and 70%. While there is no consensus on the failure rate, there is consensus about what is needed to improve success. utilises cost-cutting strategies which is beneficial to companies and project management. McManus Consulting in collaboration with Dac Systems has developed this system which combines technology and methodology application.

Businesses frequently utilise project management; they often do not recognise it and, accordingly, do not avail themselves of project management tools and techniques to make their job easier.

The high failure rate of projects is a concern for many businesses. How do you
execute projects successfully? Successful projects revolve around four distinct
components explains Dennis Comninos, director of the UCT GSB Strategic Project
Management programme.

Professional bodies are vital with regards to project management as it provides
funding for research and development while actively promoting project management at
several levels. Within the project management industry, ethical conduct and
education are incredibly important.

Project management is vital in ensuring the success and completion of certain
projects. Different reasons can be attributed to the failure of projects. Below is an in
depth analysis of what could lead to the failure of projects.

There are many things that you should know about project management,
which will make your projects easier to handle. Not only will your projects be
easier to handle but you will also be more successful with them.

Project management is the one discipline that permeates every facet of life. Some scholars go as far as saying that project management skill is what differentiates poor from rich countries and that project management is the way forward in challenging economic times.

Technically-minded professionals often avoid the financial element of projects because they lack the knowledge to interpret finance related issues. Carel Spies says the ability to understand the financial side of a project is a huge asset to any engineering professional or project manager.

Ensuring that the correct processes are put in place is crucial to success. Project management can be applied to all areas where projects are being implemented. Using these practises can be valuable to the delivery of successful projects and could assist with the operations of functional departments.

Skills shortages in South Africa and worldwide result in many engineering projects failing dismally, giving rise to great losses for the investors and shareholders involved. Risk management is a key, often neglected, element of project planning.

The reportedly high degree of IT project failures in the country can be attributed to a lack of planning and neglecting the early stages of analysis. Anton Burger says efficient planning and managing complexities is the answer.

Projects are found in every area of business and industry so knowing how to manage them is an advantage for any senior executive. While every venture is unique there are some basic principles that you can apply to both large and small projects.


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