Project Management

Since 2009, Faculty Training Institute (FTI) has assisted in guiding an Africa-
based energy company in their project management learning and

People who want to advance their skills in the field of project and portfolio
management can do so through the training courses based on Microsoft
technologies offered by the Project Group (TPG) Africa.

Project management is not so much a science as an art, says expert Dennis
Comninos, as business turns towards talent over technicians as the
differentiator of great project managers.

When it comes to project management, a major challenge to IT executives
their teams lies in having to maintain focus on the end deliverable and not be
sidetracked by small issues as they arise.

Project managers can obtain an internationally recognised certificate and
receive practical real-world based training through the new TPG Africa training

One of the major hurdles companies face in being able to extract the
maximum value from their project management infrastructure and strategies
is perception - or, in fact, misperception of project management in practice. It
is time to debunk inaccurate theories and expose myths.

When it comes to the implementation of hardware and software in business, it
is important to secure harmonious interaction between supplier and purchaser
to ensure successful project rollout.

With key game-changing trends including collaboration, mobility, unified
communications, the Cloud and the internet of everything, companies are
compelled to work smarter - using their expertise and the right technology.

Projects tend to come and go, whereas the very best project managers can
leave a lasting legacy - if they follow a proven recipe, a guideline of what
constitutes quality from those in the know.

Healthy project management has an essential role to play in Africa?s infrastructure
expansion and many project managers will be sourced from South Africa due to its
position as a key development power on the continent.



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