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SkillsTrain Distribution imports and distributes a wide range of training products to constantly meet changing industry needs.

The company was started by Linda Botha, who has been in the importing and distribution arena for many years. She has been nominated against some of the top women in business at the Women in Business Awards and National Business Awards and is currently a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization.

Her focus is to assist learners in furthering their studies to achieve success/excellence with their studies.

Online Courses

Palomino Training Solutions offers a wide range of online short courses where you login and complete the course in your own time on the internet. The length of these courses range from 3 hours to 20 hours, depending on the course content and your speed. Each course costs R199 ex vat and please see our available courses below (we are always loading new courses):


Motivational Interviewing

Course Overview

Researchers at the Konrad Lorenz Research Station in Austria found that ravens console friends feeling stressed after fights.

Being non-judgemental and taking the time to understand and relate to another person’s perspective is one of the most powerful tools in motivating them to change their behaviour.    

Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics


Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics aims to help to draw better statistical inferences from empirical research. Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics 4 DAYS Training Course teaches how to correctly interpret distributions, models, p-values, effect sizes, confidence intervals, Bayes Factors, and robust methods, and how these statistics answer different questions.

Basic requirements for deligates to attend Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics 4 DAYS Training Course:

Working with Data in SPSS Statistics Training Course


Working with Data in SPSS Statistics 2 DAYS begginer training course allows to gain a better understanding of the depth of features beneath the SPSS Statistics user interface. This SPSS Training course teaches how to import data, clean data, transform data, merge it with other data, and get it into the condition required to produce reliable models and informative results.

Executive Coaching and Facilitation

We provide accredited courses for anyone working in training.

Execoach is a one stop facility for people who wish to prepare themselves for a training career.
We specialize in enabling: Train the Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators, Moderators SDF’s, Course writers and Mentors to master their craft and to achieve their SETA qualifications.

They love our fun, relaxed and information-rich, adult learning workshops.
Stay –at-home-learners love qualifying at home with our plain English, easy to follow distance- learning courses.

Course Writing training Unit Standard 123394

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We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Executive Coaching and Facilitation was founded in 1999. We specialise in equipping Course Writers to qualify and to carry out their function effectively.




Unit Standard: 123394

Title: Develop outcomes-based learning programmes 

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 12


Facilitator training Unit Standard 117871

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We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Execoach was founded in 1999. We specialise in assisting trainers and facilitators to qualify and to carry out participative and memorable learning events.


This course is also known as the TRAIN THE TRAINER COURSE.


SAQA Unit Standard: 117871

Title: Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies 

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 10

Moderator training Unit Standard 115759

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We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Executive Coaching and Facilitation was founded in 1999. We specialise in equipping Moderators to carry out their function effectively.


 Unit Standard: 115759

Title: Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments 

NQF Level: 6

Credits: 10

Assessor training Unit standard 115753

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 We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Executive Coaching and Facilitation was founded in 1999. We specialise in assisting assessors to qualify with as little hassle as possible.


 Unit Standard: 115753

Title: Conduct outcomes-based assessment

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 15

Accent Labs

Accent Labs has developed a unique accent modification* course designed primarily for contact centre agents and tertiary level students whose second language is English. It is an e-learning programme that can dramatically improve the English accent of a young trainee or student without in any way affecting the way they speak their mother tongue. We also offer a blended alternative with face-to-face interventions which can enhance and reinforce the e-learning.

Why English accent modification is needed

QUALIFICATION - Occupational Certificate : Organisational Risk Practitioners Level 6

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to be able to manage risk management plans in support of an organisation's risk framework, which is generally the responsibility of Risk Officers. The Risk Practitioners assist the Risk Officers by undertaking or facilitating activities related to the implementation of the plans for managing risk in an organisation.


* Implement the framework for managing risk in the business unit

* Create and sustain risk management partnerships

* Establish the internal and external risk context

Assessment Tool Design

Workshop Outcome:

This skills programme will assist individuals who are required to design and develop consistent, credible, reliable, fair and unbiased assessments of learning outcomes. This unit standard will contribute towards achievement of a qualification particularly within the field of Education, Training and Development Practices

Target Audience:

This skills programme is aimed at assessors, moderators and Learning Programme Design/Developers.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the skills programme the learner should be able to:

Debt Collections (Level 2)

Workshop Outcome:

This training workshop will equip delegates with the required skills to recover debt within a Contact Centre environment.

Target Audience:

The training workshop is aimed at all individuals who operate in a Contact Centre environment and are required to contact customers with regards to collecting outstanding debt.

Learning Outcomes:>

By the end of this training workshop delegates should be able to understand and apply the:

The WHAT of Credit Management

Telephone Etiquette (Level 2)

Workshop Outcome:

This training workshop will equip the delegates to deliver excellent telephone interactions that meets or exceeds customer expectations, and is in alignment with company’s service standards.

Target Audience:

This training workshop is aimed at any individual who deals with internal and external customers via the phone, including but not limited to call centre staff.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training workshop  delegates should be able to:

Service Management (Level 4)

Workshop Outcome:

Service Level Management has a large impact on service quality and is an important KPI that measure the degree of accessibility of a call centre to their customers.  As Team leaders and managers it’s imperative that service levels are measured so that trends are identified and proactive tactics be introduced to help enhance service levels. 

The aim of this Learning Programme is to equip Team leaders with the following Knowledge & Skills:

Sales Management (Level 4)

Workshop Outcome:

This learning programme is aimed at any individual who wish to be involved in the Contact Centre industry or who is currently in the Contact Centre industry and want to progress in their chosen career path

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this learning programme learners should be able to:

Customer Experience Management (Level 4)

Workshop Outcome:

Customers today are more knowledgeable and more demanding than ever, only extraordinary service gets noticed and remembered.  The key for customer service is to focus on areas that really matter to the customer and re-inforce the overall customer engagement strategy. The aim of this learning programme is to equip contact centre Team leaders with tools to manage the customer experience, and includes:


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