Practical People Management (HR for non-HR Managers)

The objective of this workshop is to take line managers on a journey.  This journey covers the life cycle of an employee from employment law; contractual obligations; recruitment; engagement through to disciplinary processes.  Along the way, both law and best practice principles are integrated as we weave our way through typicla and realistic case studies.

Why should managers' attend this workshop?

Performance Management

It is essential that line managers are able to manage the performance of their people effectively, keeping their performance consistently up to standard.  They need to set clear Key Responsibility areas and Objectives and manage their performance against these.  The focus is on the skills needed for management to practically use and implement the company performance management system.  It is a performance driven process, not a paper driven process.  Managers explore how to use the performance management system as an effective management tool that helps them achieve their operational objecti

Successful Recruitment Practices (Behavioural Competency Based)

'Hire for skill and then fire for behaviour' is a common saying amongst HR professionals. All too often a person is recruited for the wrong reasons.  Simply because a person has a qualification, it does not necessarily mean they are able or willing to apply them! 

The cost of employment is expensive - andeve more so if the person turns out to be a poor recruit.  Turn that time spent interviewing into value added through attending our workshop and increase the success rate of employment up to 80%.

Introduction to People Management and Employment Law

This workshop has been designed to introduce the principles and practices of 'managing people' to the newly appointed manager, and those individuals who are tasks with taking on the Human Resources responsibility in a small to medium business.

The 1-day workshop provides insights into what and where to look in employment law; their roles as managers from recruiting, performance managing, disciplining through to preparing themselves for a formal Hearing.  The delegates area also given tools to take away with them.

The Course Content

Purchasing and Procurement

This course is recommended for people working in the supply chain environment and tasked to work within a purchasing and procurement environment to ensure that requirements pertaining to productivity, supplier selection, purchasing and black economic empowerment are adhered to.


Benefits of attending this courses


The learners accredited with this unit standard will have a good understanding of the following:

Supply Chain Materials Management

This course is widely regarded as the best instructor-led course to give delegates an introduction to the principles of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. It is suitable for those working in the field who want to obtain or update their professional knowledge, those entering this field or working in a related field such as Purchasing, Accounting, Marketing or Engineering as well as the valuable positions ‘on-the-ground’ i.e. planners, schedulers, material handlers etc.


Course Writing training Unit Standard 123394

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We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Executive Coaching and Facilitation was founded in 1999. We specialise in equipping Course Writers to qualify and to carry out their function effectively.




Unit Standard: 123394

Title: Develop outcomes-based learning programmes 

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 12


Facilitator training Unit Standard 117871

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We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Execoach was founded in 1999. We specialise in assisting trainers and facilitators to qualify and to carry out participative and memorable learning events.


This course is also known as the TRAIN THE TRAINER COURSE.


SAQA Unit Standard: 117871

Title: Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies 

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 10

Moderator training Unit Standard 115759

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We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Executive Coaching and Facilitation was founded in 1999. We specialise in equipping Moderators to carry out their function effectively.


 Unit Standard: 115759

Title: Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments 

NQF Level: 6

Credits: 10

Assessor training Unit standard 115753

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 We are happy to introduce our consultancy to you. Executive Coaching and Facilitation was founded in 1999. We specialise in assisting assessors to qualify with as little hassle as possible.


 Unit Standard: 115753

Title: Conduct outcomes-based assessment

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 15


This course has been developed to equip Executive management in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety to Control and Management Health and Safety within an organisation.

Executive Management will learn Health and Safety Management as well as Health and Safety Auditing.

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