Authentic Leader-Manager Level 1

So what does being an AUTHENTIC Leader-Manager mean? It means knowing:

- Who you are – where you come from, your values, beliefs, priorities, emotional maturity;
- Why you want to lead people – your purpose as well as its importance and meaning to you;
- What your individual strengths and weaknesses are;
- Which particular leadership style suits you relative to your personality and character; and
- Recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your particular leadership style.

Service Excellence

Over three days, our Service Excellence course will equip you with the tools you’ll need to establish and maintain a high standard of customer service in your organisation. This course is for anyone that wants to make a significant contribution to their company’s image and bottom line by creating a culture of service excellence and an understanding that every individual in the company must be a service champion.

Advanced Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Our three day ADVANCED Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course will give you the framework and techniques to manage your own and others’ behaviours, thoughts and emotions for optimal overall performance. In this personal development journey, you’ll learn to develop leadership characteristics including:

Effective Business Writing Programme 1

Our Effective Business Writing – Programme 1 course will give you the practical training you need to improve your English business writing skills. From writing memos and letters to composing emails and writing simple reports, our blended learning approach within a small group environment delivers measured improvement to help you create the right impression with your written communication. Get this wrong, and you risk destroying your brand’s reputation with your customers, staff, internal suppliers and shareholders.

Trainer Development Programme

Our Trainer Development Programme is a 'train the trainer' course recognising that in the majority of cases, trainers deliver material that they themselves didn’t create. This means that as a trainer, your style may often be restricted, unless you are able to make the content your own. In addition, adopting a 'pull' learning approach where delegates come to their own learning conclusions is more effective for adult training, but demands an advanced skills set from you, the trainer.

Coaching for Performance (level 2)

Our Coaching for Performance (level 2 & 3) course is a coaching and mentoring course especially formulated for senior and executive managers – in other words, managers of managers. Over three days, we’ll give you a comprehensive toolkit of coaching skills you need to unleash the performance potential of your management team as well as yourself. During the three days, you’ll learn key coaching skills including:

• The history and origin, definition, concepts and full scope of coaching and mentoring;

Effective Speaking & Presentation skills

In just two and a half days, our Effective Speaking and Presentation skills course will equip you with all the tools you’ll need to present to any audience – whether it’s to external conference delegates, your team, a board of directors or your colleagues. Above all, you’ll benefit from highly personalised coaching sessions because we take no more than ten delegates in each course.

Effective Business Writing Programme 2: Proposal Writing

Proposals are a way to persuade an audience through a clear, impactful argument. The best business proposals do this by leading their readers to believe in a problem’s solution through persuasive language, unambiguous facts, and an easy-to-follow structure.

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Our two-day Proposal Writing course is part of our focused business writing programme. Through it, you will develop the competencies to create accurate, convincing and persuasive business proposals that:

Effective Business Writing Programme 3: Report Writing

Our Business Report Writing course will help you develop the skills you need to write a clear, well-structured business report that presents facts and findings in a logical way, with maximum impact. As part of this, we’ll help you become better at answering the following:

• Who are you writing the report for?

• Who will read it?

• What information will you need to include for the report to meet your reader’s requirements?

Influential Business Communication

Our Influential Business Communication course will equip you with the communication skills you need to have a greater degree of influence within your organisation and with other people – both at work and privately. You’ll learn to:

• Be effective, clear, brief and insightful in order to reach mutually beneficial outcomes;

• Understand yourself and your motivations, as well as the motivations of others, which change depending on the situation, and may or may not be shared;

Creative Negotiation Skills

Over two days, our interactive, systematic and practical Creative Negotiation Skills training course will give you the confidence and tools to tackle any daily negotiation challenge. From negotiating contracts, deadlines, allocation of resources, prices, fees and timelines, you’ll learn how to:

Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Our two day Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course will give you the emotional intelligence training you need to know yourself better, and to optimise your performance and leadership skills by managing your own and others’ emotions. During this emotional intelligence training course, you’ll learn to develop leadership characteristics that include:

• A natural optimism that radiates and inspires others;

• The ability to make challenging situations seem manageable, and to empower those around you to strive for greater heights;

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