Personal Growth and Counselling Course

Do you want to effectively improve your communication and listening skills in your personal and professional capacity? LifeLine Johannesburg offers a 22 session Self Growth and Counselling Skills Course starting on the 7th of August 2018. We still have places available for the evening sessions held every Tuesday evening as well as 4 Saturday sessions. 

The course benefits individuals who would like to gain counselling and communication skills for the workplace, to be a LifeLine counsellor or for improving relationships in general.  

LifeLine Johannesburg

LifeLine Johannesburg, centrally located in the heart of Norwood, offers 4 small training/breakaway rooms which are ideal for comfortable seating around 10-12 delegates.

LifeLine Johannesburg

LifeLine Johannesburg is situated in the heart of Norwood and offers a variety of rooms to choose from. Our Friendly and professional staff will assist you with the best efficienct service.

LifeLine Johannesburg Corporate Training

LifeLine Johannesburg is affiliated with Lifeline Southern Africa and LifeLine International. What initially started as a counselling service over 50 years ago expanded to community work in many areas and one of our sustainability arms was our Corporate Division which actually created out of the demand from people who had attended our community training to share these vital skills in the workplace. Our approach to training in Corporates had to adapt to being slicker and to train the essential EQ topics using workplace rather than personal scenarios.

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