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LFP Training is the leading provider of BEE aligned turnkey Skills Development Training in South Africa. Established in 2013, LFP Training delivers innovative, industry-first learnership programs aimed at educating and upskilling people in-line with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.


LifeLine Johannesburg Corporate Training

LifeLine Johannesburg is affiliated with Lifeline Southern Africa and LifeLine International. What initially started as a counselling service over 50 years ago expanded to community work in many areas and one of our sustainability arms was our Corporate Division which actually created out of the demand from people who had attended our community training to share these vital skills in the workplace. Our approach to training in Corporates had to adapt to being slicker and to train the essential EQ topics using workplace rather than personal scenarios.


For over 65 years, Damelin has been offering quality private education to people from all walks of life. If you’re looking for private education that is relevant and up to date with the demands of industry, then you’ve come to the right place.

Damelin incorporates:

Damelin (Pty) Ltd
Damelin School of Banking
Damelin Technical



GENRE: Romantic Comedy/Drama

FILM SUMMARY: Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) have been divorced for 10 years. Jake originally cheated on Jane with Agness (Lake Bell) who is much younger than him. Jake’s infidelity ended their relationship. When Jane and Jake meet up for their son’s graduation one thing leads to another and Jane ends up having an affair with her ex-husband. At this point, things become very interesting.



Day 1: This workshop aims to: a) familiarise workshop participants with the theoretical background on which the MSCI (Adolescent and Adult versions) is based; b) introduce a systemic thinking and qualitative career assessment; c) overview the process of conducting the MSCI; d) provide examples from our experience of using the MSCI; and e) familiarise participants with the MSCI instrument and its use.

Type and Coaching

This workshop will focus on developing MBTI® accredited professionals’ ability to apply Type in their coaching sessions. Psychological type is a framework for working with the personality differences we observe every day. Awareness of these differences can assist in understanding how clients prefer to be coached, and how they gain information and make decisions. During this workshop, participants will participate in type-related exercises to develop these skills.

Organisational Design Capacity Building Programme: Operational Organisational design

PURPOSE: To provide participants with the conceptual and action tools to build and implement effective Operational ODs.
Operational Design addresses the design of the specific elements making up a given Work unit, e.g., work stations, portfolio’s, work roles, work teams.

Organisational Design Capacity Building programme: Strategic organisational design

PURPOSE: To provide participants with the conceptual and action tools to build and implement effective Strategic ODs.
Strategic Design is directed at the design of the organisation as a total operating entity with the Work Units making up the entity (its operating, enabling and support units, corporate centre), Levels of Work, Work Roles, Governance, and Integrating/ Co-ordinating Mechanisms


Equipping to be: A Great organisation through Great teams, through Great team members and Team leadership
Managing teams is a challenging leadership responsibility which can make or break an organisation in today’s climate
This one day intervention will provide you with the knowledge and opportunities that will equip you to better understand team effectiveness to enhance team results. We will clarify some definitions of a team, and see how this may differ from a group

Organisational Design Capacity Building programme: Orientation to organisational design

Purpose: To provide participants with a high level orientation to OD as a mission critical organisational discipline and key executive task

Topics covered: What is OD? Why has OD become important? Destroying the myths regarding OD; When is OD necessary? Benefits of effective designs; OD levels and dimensions; The OD Landscape with its building blocks and principles; Building fit-for-purpose designs: An integrated, systemic OD process

Type and Entrepreneurship

This workshop will focus on the role of Psychological Type in Entrepreneurship. Using existing research and literature we discuss entrepreneurial businesses and how understanding Type can help entrepreneurs to navigate through business cycles. Primary focus will be placed on the MBTI preferences of the owner, his/her leadership style, and the culture he/she creates.

This advanced workshop is aimed at MBTI accredited professionals.


The MMTIC® instrument (Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® ) is used for assessing psychological type in children and young people. Psychological type can be used very successfully as a workable framework for understanding the differences between children and adults – in this case, teachers – which in turn has an impact on the way they communicate with one another.

ETHICS AT THE MOVIES: The rules of engagement

02/20 – The Rules of Engagement (2000) (16VL). JHB

Genre: War/Courtroom Drama

Film Summary: An attorney (Tommy Lee Jones) defends an officer on trial (Samuel L. Jackson) for ordering his troops to fire on civilians after they stormed a U.S. embassy in Yemen. Did he do the right thing, or could the situation have been avoided altogether? You decide.


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