Coordinate Learning (6 credits)

Coordinate Learning (How to coordinate learning in an organisation)


This 1-day skills workshop is geared for training administrators, co-coordinators and training managers. Learn to manage and administer each phase of the learning Cycle from skills profiling through to verification, co-ordination and reporting on the activities and interventions undertaken. We also learn how to identify, recruit and select suitable service providers and manage return on investment.

Unit Standards

Moderator Training


NQF Level 6

Credits 10

Learning assumed to be in place

The credit calculation is based on the assumption that learners have previous assessment experience and have completed (and handed in a portfolio of evidence) the unit standard 7978 “Plan & Conduct assessment” or Unit standard 115753 “Conduct Outcomes-based assessment”.

Learners cannot be registered as moderators with the ETDP Seta if they have not completed and have been registered as assessessors.

Purpose of the unit standard

Analyse Training Needs (15 credits)

Analyse Training Needs

Duration: 4 days


This skills programme is recommended for anyone involved in the skills planning and skills reporting of a company. This programme uncovers the process of skills profiling by conducting a skills gap analysis through target audience analysis and task analysis. Learners are also provided information on the full National Certificate in OD-ETD qualification.

Unit Standards

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of every business. It happens in many different formats from in-person to over the telephone to via the internet. Regardless of how the customer service is delivered, soft skills are needed. Customer service soft skills are relationship-building skills. This practical workshop highlights the importance of working through company standards and meeting customer perspectives, perceptions and expectations.

Develop Learning Materials (Training on designing & developing learning material)

Develop Learning Materials

Duration: 5 days


This skills programme is a must for learning programme designers and developers. During this workshop we will learn how to design and develop outcomes-based learning programmes in line with ETQA requirements from completing the curriculum framework to developing a full learner guide and learner work-book with an accompanying facilitator guide.

Unit Standards


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