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Diversity Management

This programme is intended for learners / participants who is interested in understanding and demonstrating diversity among people and in particular in a specific workforce, to be able to have an appreciation of the role and positive impact of such diversity, and how best to manage a diverse workforce in South Africa.

NQF Level: 5

Credits : 14

Leadership Skills

This skills programme will enable learners to gain insight into the role of leadership within a work context, and thus providing them with the skills and knowledge to add value to their job.

NQF Level : 4

Credits: 12

Conflict Management

The skills programme will enable individuals to identify and manage the resolution of personal conflict between persons or parties. The main focus will be on the workplace although the same principles can be used elsewhere.

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 8

Assessor Training

The role of the assessor is to formally assess the skills and competence of staff within an organisation.  This is done through building a portfolio of evidence that is related to the learners daily work and meeting the requirements of the NQF.

An assessor must have the skills to plan, conduct, evaluate, make Judgments and provided feedback.  An Assessor should also have the ability to guide and support their learners through this process.

Advanced Supervisory Skills

This skills programme is intended for all people in management across all sectors and organisations. It provides the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required by all managers in all economic sectors where a management function has to be exercised.

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 20

Small Business Manager/Owner (Customer Care)

This skills programme is aimed at people who interact with customers at the level where they are expected to be able to answer some customer queries and resolve customer complaints. These persons are also able to identify and handle different types of customer behaviours in their operational unit in their area of work. Persons credited with the unit standards in this skills programme demonstrate an understanding of and can implement customer service standards and can operate in a number of contexts some of which may be non-routine.

Customer Care

This skills programme is intended for people working in a customer related- or service environment. This skills programme will develop a person’s ability to identify customer complaints and assist in the solving of a problem while finding possible solutions. The focus will also be on communicating effectively and provide practical business solutions as well as to explain the benefits of customer service they are able to initiate contact with customers, maintain contact with them, administer the contact with customers to ensure effectiveness.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

This programme is designed for executives involved in leadership and the management of teams, and focuses on translating strategic intent into effective daily action. This programme ensures that teams are effectively managed and that managers can translate strategy into action.

NQF Level: 8

Credits: 4

Skills Certificate : Front Line Communication

This skills programme is aimed at learners who want to communicate effectively in any front line position. Learners will acquire the competency to determine the purpose of text, format and edit text and analyse text to determine the various values conveyed by the text. Learners will also improve their skills in responding to people they communicate with and apply techniques to effectively convey a message.

NQF Level: 4


Record Management

An individual credited with this unit standard is able to identify and deal with harmful factors, situations and storage facilities that will have a negative impact on the life cycle of the record(s) in terms of their preservation and conservation. The learner will also be able to apply those techniques that will minimise or eliminate damage and/or loss of the record(s).

NQF Level: 4

Credit: 10

Store Keeping and Stock Control

The person credited with this unit standard is able to access and interpret information on stock record-keeping systems, analyse and monitor stock movement, initiate and control stock counts and record details on record-keeping systems in order to maintain and update stock balances.

NQF Levels: 5

Credits: 5

Supply Chain Management

This module is intended for people working in the Public Sector environment, specialising in Public Finance Management and Administration or who are seeking to develop a career pathway towards becoming an accomplished public finance management and administration specialist.

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 15

Business Writing Skills

The skills programme is aimed at learners who want to improve their competency to create written documents in the workplace, with specific reference to meeting documents, electronic mail messages, reports and job applications.

NQF Level: 3

Credits: 7

Essentials of Report Writing

The skills programme is intended to enable learners at this level to write texts with complex subject matter and a need for various levels of formality in language and construction. This is intended for all persons working in administration in commercial and non-commercial organisations and who is responsible for presenting information in report format.

NQF Level: 3

Credits: 4

Office Administration Techniques

This programme has been developed for people who need to contribute to the smooth running of the office or are working in an administrative environment, including SMME`s (Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises), where the acquisition of competence against the standards of this skills programme will add value to the learner’s job, or chances of finding employment.

NQF Level: 4 

Credits: 10 

Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing

This unit standard is intended for line managers and human resources practitioners who may be called upon to chair disciplinary hearings. Persons accredited with this unit standard are able to effectively handle hearings and reach reasoned decisions on the basis of evidence presented.

NQF Level:6 

Credits: 5 

Knowledge Management

The skills programme is intended for learners / participants who manage knowledge and who are involved in Organisational Transformation and Change Management within their organisations and/or area of responsibility.


NQF Level: 5

Credits: 10


Performance Management

It is intended for line managers in all economic sectors and human resources management practitioners who are involved in managing careers of individuals (subordinates) and whom have the overall responsibility of managing these individual’s and teams’ work performance. Persons credited with this unit standard are able to gather and analyse information for individual career planning and management purposes.

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 31



Change Management

The skills programme is intended to create an understanding of diversity among people and in particular in a specific workforce, the role and importance played by managing change in attitudes, and the attributes of a good change agent in South Africa.

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 10

Strategic Management

This module is intended for elected political leaders and public sector officials involved with the service delivery activities at a strategic level and requires the use of public assets to render services to the communities.

NQF Level : 6

Credits: 10


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