Accounts Payable Process and Best Practices

payroll? Yet surprisingly, most companies have poor controls in relation to T&E
expenses. This module will take an in-depth look at proven solutions that can help
you to streamline your T&E processes:
• Developing a formal policy for dealing with T&E expenses within your
• To advance cash or not - that is the question?
• Identifying and mitigating critical risk areas in the T&E process
• Controlling costs - proven techniques to spot and stop T&E padding, errors and

Email Writing and Etiquette

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Our busy schedules demand that information needs to be disseminated, understood

and responded to quickly. It’s no wonder then that emails have become the accepted
norm for business communication.
This course will share the techniques and skills needed to communicate effectively and
professionally using email in a business environment.


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