How To Find Your UIF Payment Status



The main purpose of the Unemployment Insurance Fund is to offer short-term financial support to its contributors should they ever become unemployed. Beneficiaries are encouraged to regularly check the progress of their payments to stay up to date with their claim status.



The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides benefits to contributors who are not able to work due to retrenchment, illness, maternity leave, and adoption leave. They also pay out benefits to dependents of deceased contributors to the fund.

The fund has advised all clients to submit UIF claims via the uFiling online portal. The fund has a process in place to make sure beneficiaries receive their claim payments.

Once individuals successfully submit a claim, they will receive a case number upon completion. The UIF has reminded beneficiaries that they will be notified once the claim is approved when to submit a payment request form.

Clients can also login to uFiling to check the progress of their claims or contact the call centre at 012 337 1680.

Here’s how to check your UIF payment status

  1. Go to the uFiling website 
  2. Log in to your uFiling account.
  3. Click on “Check My Status”.
  4. Enter the information you are asked to provide.
  5. You may be required to complete a captcha test.
  6. View your claim status.

Once you have completed these steps, the uFiling system will display your UIF claim status on the screen, and you will be able to check your payment status and the progress on your claims.

It will indicate whether your claim is pending, approved, or paid out. You may also find additional details related to your claim, such as the payment date or any outstanding requirements.

Benefits of using uFiling

  • uFiling is a FREE service offered by the UIF.
  • UIF returns can be done simply and conveniently online.
  • Secure payments (Debit Order and Credit Push via Internet Banking) and faster processing times.
  • uFiling is paperless and submission of declarations are instant and reliable.

Should you encounter any issues or have further questions about your UIF claim status, you can contact the uFiling helpline for assistance.


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The Unemployment Insurance Fund provides temporary financial support to workers who are unemployed or that are unable to work due to several circumstances. However, these funds are only available to individuals who contribute to the fund.




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