Sassa Grants For July 2023 Are Now Being Paid



Social grants play a vital role in supporting millions of vulnerable individuals in South Africa, providing them with the means to purchase essential food items and other necessities. Sassa has announced the payment schedule for grant beneficiaries in July 2023. 



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has begun paying out social grants for the month of July 2023. Millions of social grant beneficiaries will receive their money in July 2023 during the first week of this new month. 

Sassa distributes permanent social grants to 18 million beneficiaries every month.

Permanent grants include the Older Persons grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Care Dependency grant, Foster Child grant, Child Support grant, Child Support grant Top Up and Grant-in-aid. 

Beneficiaries of the Older person's grants will be the first group to receive their money in July, and beneficiaries of the Disability grant and Children's grant will be paid during the course of the first week. 

Here Are The Sassa Grant Payment Dates For July 2023

  • Older Persons Grant: Tuesday, 4 July
  • Disability Grant : Wednesday, 5 July
  • Children's Grant: Thursday, 6 July

For the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, also commonly referred to as the R350 grant, does not have a fixed payment date. Sassa approves applications for this grant, and beneficiaries are notified via message when their payment is available for collection.

Beneficiaries of Sassa grants can collect their grant money in July at several participating retail outlets, as well as at the post office and at mobile cash pay points. Alternatively, grant beneficiaries can choose to have their grant paid directly to their bank account

Many beneficiaries choose to have their Sassa grants paid directly into their bank account, which is a more convenient method, as they do not have to travel to collect their grant money. It also means they don’t have to wait in long queues when collecting their money. 

People who meet the eligibility criteria for these permanent grants are encouraged to apply for a Sassa grant in July 2023. You can also run a Sassa status check to confirm that you will be receiving the grant.

Sassa has reminded beneficiaries that there is no need to rush to collect their money on the first day; the grant remains untouched in a beneficiary's account until it is needed. 


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More than 18 million individuals living in South Africa receive permanent social grants from the South African Social Security Agency. Grant recipients have several options they can make use of to collect their grants each month.




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