Student Council To Ensure All Unisa Students Can Register For 2024



The National Student Representative Council (NSRC) has emphasized that Unisa students will encounter no obstacles during the registration process for the academic year 2024, particularly in light of the extended registration period announced by Unisa.



As South African universities gear up for the commencement of the 2024 academic year and registration processes unfold, there is a heightened sense of apprehension. Historically, annual student protests have erupted in response to registration difficulties.

However, the National Student Representative Council (NSRC) at Unisa has reassured that all students should have the ability to complete their registration without hindrance.

In a statement released by Unisa, the NSRC said:

The National Students Representatives Council has recently engaged with the university management to address various concerns affecting students. We want to emphasise that no student will face barriers to registration and study in this academic year due to administrative challenges, whether originating from the institution or NSFAS. 

"Access to education is a fundamental struggle and the NSRC will ensure that during this period of registration it is accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status," said the NSRC.

Unisa Extends 2024 Registration 

Unisa initiated the registration process for the 2024 academic year on 10 January, originally scheduling the deadline for 13 February. Subsequently, the university extended the registration period for semester modules until 16 February and for year modules until 22 March.

This extension aims to provide ample time for both our new students and those who have encountered administrative challenges to complete their registration process.

In the event that students encounter obstacles preventing their registration, the National Student Representative Council (NSRC) has asserted its readiness to take decisive action. Additionally, the NSRC expresses a desire to advocate for a further extension of the Unisa registration period to address potential challenges faced by students.

Acknowledgement of Debt Applications

Students with outstanding historical debt are encouraged to utilize the Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) application as a means to clear their financial obligations and facilitate their registration for the academic year 2024.

Students carrying debts ranging from R0 to R2000 will receive immediate approval, facilitating their registration. For those with debts exceeding this threshold, the university will still review and consider their cases.

We will ensure that an extension will be granted of AODs so that self-paying students are able to kickstart they academic calendar. 


Another common impediment to timely registration is the issue of delayed National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding decisions. Students frequently experience delays in receiving funding decisions, which in turn hinders their registration process.

The NSRC has said that:

In our discussions with management to address this challenge, we noticed a continual decline in the effectiveness of the funding scheme, disrupting the learning environment within our institution.

In response to the challenges posed by delayed NSFAS funding decisions, students have asserted that no student should face registration delays attributed to NSFAS issues. They advocate for Unisa to ensure the prompt completion of registration for all students who have previously received funding.

Students who have received a study offer but have not responded are encouraged to promptly do so. Additionally, they are urged to expeditiously complete the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) exam.

If students encounter administrative challenges, they are advised to visit a Unisa campus or center for assistance. The commitment is to facilitate a smooth registration process, ensuring that every student can embark on their academic journey without obstacles deliberately created to hinder individuals from participating in the educational system.

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