Students Don't Want Unisa Staff To Work From Home



Student representatives at South Africa's largest university have rejected calls from labour unions calling for the institution staff to work remotely. Several reasons have been provided by students. 



The National Student Representative Council (NSRC) at the University of South Africa (Unisa) has firmly rejected the proposal from labour unions to transition staff to remote work. They stress the significance of face-to-face interaction and on-campus resources in ensuring students' academic success.

The NSRC's rejection of the labour unions' proposal comes after Unisa's substantial shift to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic. While acknowledging the necessity of this move to address unprecedented challenges, they argue that it has resulted in a decline in student support services. This is evidenced by consistent student frustrations and grievances.

This is reflected in the consistent venting of frustrations raised by our students to the student's leadership on a day-to-day basis and also on various social media platforms outlining how staff neglects their emails of queries and at times responding extremely late which subsequently taints the image of the institution in the public domain.

According to the NSRC, students often complain about delayed responses to queries and a lack of engagement from staff, negatively impacting the institution's public image. 

The NSRC emphasises that face-to-face interaction is crucial for promptly and effectively addressing student queries. They believe that physical presence in offices and posts enables students to access necessary support for their academic journeys.

Face-to-face interaction is crucial and necessary for our students to feel supported as most queries get to be speedily resolved

The NSRC points out the essential role of on-campus facilities in providing a conducive learning environment for students. Many students rely on on-campus amenities like libraries, labs, and seminar rooms for vital resources and support services. The NSRC argues that the absence of on-campus staff jeopardises these resources.

Labelling the labour unions' calls as selfish and inconsiderate, the NSRC asserts that the demand for remote work lacks scientific rationale and disregards the university's core mission of teaching, learning, and nurturing future leaders. 

In response, the NSRC urges students to utilise on-campus facilities and services to enhance their academic experiences and ensure success in their academic journeys.

As the National SRC, we urge students across all regions to utilise on-campus facilities, including libraries, labs, seminar rooms and support services, to enhance their academic experiences and ensure their success in their academic journeys. 

As the National SRC, they call on students across all regions to make use of on-campus facilities, including libraries, labs, seminar rooms, and support services. Additionally, they call on labour unions to prioritise students' needs and refrain from actions that may hinder productivity and support for students.

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