When Unisa January/February Exam Results Will Be Released



The recent Unisa exams saw a significant number of student participants. The university has now revealed the timeline for releasing the exam results.



The University of South Africa (Unisa) has provided clarification on the release schedule for January/February 2024 exam results, which were concluded last month.

Unisa has commenced the gradual release of January/February 2024 exam results. The majority of grades are anticipated to be accessible by 10 March 2023. Any inquiries regarding mark releases should be directed to [email protected].

The January/February 2024 examination period encompassed year modules as per the original scheduling. It also accommodated students taking their second chance exams. Students who did not pass their second attempt were advised to register for their courses again.

Students have until 31 March 2024 to request a copy of their exam scripts or apply for remarking. The online application form for remarking is available on myUnisa. Alternatively, applications can be sent to [email protected].

Script purchases can be arranged by emailing [email protected], ensuring the inclusion of the student number in the subject line. However, it's essential to note that remarking or script purchases are not available for scripts flagged for disciplinary offenses or proctoring tool non-compliance issues.

Unisa exclusively handles inquiries from students' myLife email addresses. Messages from personal email accounts will not receive responses, adhering to the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

Congratulations to those who have successfully completed their qualifications in this exam season, and best wishes to our returning students for a successful academic year in 2024.

Understanding Your Unisa Result Codes

Unisa examination result codes indicate whether students passed or failed a specific assessment. These codes also inform students whether they need to re-register for modules or if they will be given a second chance to complete an examination or assessment.

Unisa Result Codes And Descriptions 

Result code


Result code description



A student "passes" a module when they have received a final mark of 50% and above.


Pass with distinction

A student "passes with distinction" when they obtain a final mark of 75% and above.



A student "fails" a module when they have received a final mark of less than 50% and below.

The student is required to re-register for the module.


Absent from examination

A student is deemed to be "absent from examination" when the university did not receive the student’s submission within the allowable submission period.

If an undergraduate student is absent from their second examination opportunity, they are required to re-register. Postgraduate students are expected to re-register for each module.




The student attains a "supplementary examination" outcome, if:

  • An Undergraduate student failed or was absent from their first examination opportunity.
  • A Postgraduate student received a final mark of between 40% and 49%.

Students should refer to their examination timetable for the next scheduling of the module examination.


Results outstanding

A student receives a "results outstanding" outcome when the student’s submission is received, but the marking of the submission is still in progress and the final mark is outstanding.

A student may start following up on their outstanding result from 21 July 2023 by sending an e-mail of enquiry to [email protected]


Not admitted to an examination

A student receives a "not admitted to examination" outcome if the student did not meet the examination admission criteria relevant to the module.

A student is required to re-register for the module.



A student receives an "absent-supplementary" outcome when the student failed to utilise the required proctoring tool during their first examination opportunity. 

Students who fail to utilise the proctoring tool in their second examination opportunity are required to re-register.


Script rejected

A student receives a “script rejected” outcome if a student did not use the required proctoring tool or submitted a password-protected or corrupt file in their second examination opportunity.

A student who is eligible for a second opportunity will automatically be deferred to the next examination opportunity of the affected module .

No further opportunities are granted to students after their second opportunity. Such students are requested to re-register for the applicable module(s) 

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