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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique useful in many emergencies, including heart attack or near drowning, in which someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

Life Skills

The term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential.

android apps

Today, treatment advances, reliable information, and early diagnoses have increased life expectancy and dramatically reduced the social stigma of HIV. These apps reviewed here are an important part of hope and healing for anyone touched by HIV.

financial accounting software

When searching for the best financial accounting software, look for solutions that are affordable and easy to use and time-saving features such as automated entries, invoicing, bill payments, expense reports, financial reports and reconciliations.

time management

Everybody has to manage their time to some extent whether it be at home or work. The sequence in which you perform tasks on an everyday basis has a profound effect.

Information management is closely related to, and overlaps with, the management of data, systems, technology, processes and – where the availability of information is critical to organisational success – strategy.

If you would like to improve your public speaking skills or general presentation skills, then consider taking part in a presentation training program. These programs are offered country wide and can be found through The Skills Portal.

Do you have excellent communication skills? Are you good at listening, empathizing, convincing, and being assertive? If so, you may be credible for a career in one of these top jobs!

knowledge management

The traditional definition for knowledge management is identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets.

If you've decided to study part-time, you should be thinking about how to get better at time management and organize your days so you can strike the right balance between home, work and your studies.

Change is often necessary but can be frightening for you or your employees. As a manager, you must illustrate to your employees the benefits of change so that they, hopefully, develop an excited and positive attitude. Point out how change brings with it new ideas and opportunities as well as the chance to shine as an important part of the company.

It’s often difficult to stay alert and engaged in a web presentation because there are so many temptations and distractions such as smart phones and email. This article gives a few points on how to improve your web presentation skills.

sales training

A salespersons day-to-day environment must support the learning they had whilst on their sales training course to ensure their new behaviours become habits.


People who enjoy mathematics have great motor skills and who like practical work may consider becoming a qualified tiler.


Podcasting is quickly becoming a buzz word among the techie crowd. So what is podcasting, anyway? Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand.

Life Skills

Maybe you wanted to become fluent in a language, learn a new instrument, start doing DIY, or a master a myriad of other skills.

There are four main types of team building activities, which includes: Communication activities, problem solving and/or decision making activities, adaptability and/or planning activities, and activities that focus on building trust.

financial accounting

Financial accounts are part of the company’s accounting system. Companies often use accounting as a way to keep score.

what is debt?

The best way to avoid never-ending pressure from creditors to repay overdue bills is to not let the bills become overdue in the first place.

project management

Many businesses achieve their goals by completing projects that contribute to their objectives. Often, projects have a finite length, involve a number of activities and people, and have deadlines and fixed budgets. Project managers plan and monitor these, and take corrective action when appropriate.

team building

Team building brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. One of the most important reasons for team building is to get results

Ensure each of your customers had a great experience with your customer service. Your brand depends on it.

Brand management is the process of building, managing and improving a brand. It begins by having a thorough knowledge of the term “brand”.

communication skills

We live in a world that is connected with technology. When was the last time you left home without your cellphone, didn’t watch TV or log onto your computer to check your emails? Chances are not very long. Although technology has it’s benefits, it also effects peoples communication skills and they socialize all together. It leads to a lack of emotion, ignorance of personal space, a absence of intimacy.

Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.