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Thousands upon thousands of graduates continue to look for work every year and fail to land a job despite their qualifications.

South Africa has the third highest unemployment rate in Africa – experts say specialist skills training is what people need to find, and keep, jobs.

Do you dream of capturing beautiful, interesting and memorable pictures? Professional photography can open many doors for individuals who are independent and love to explore.

Are you quiet, resourceful, technical or creative? Making the right career choice starts with knowing yourself. Unfortunately many people never reach their full potential because they get stuck in a job that doesn't match their unique qualities and talents.

Learning how to juggle real life, busy careers, family responsibilities, social agendas and personal development is no easy feat. However, once the art is mastered, a whole new level of development can be unlocked.

There are an estimated 3.3 million illiterate adults in South Africa. The Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) initiative aims to reduce this number by offering foundational learning programmes to motivated people.

The number of functions your smart device can handle these days is immense. With the rapidly increasing speed of technology development we can expect to get much more out of our phones, tablets and media players over the coming years.

Moving from the structured educational environment of varsity into your first job is daunting for most people. Even where higher education adequately prepared students about what to expect, taking that first step into the world of work is often accompanied by fear of the unknown, and doubt about one’s ability to be successful.

Building a CV and career starts early. Teenagers do it while still at school. University students certainly do it, especially as graduation nears and the search for a good job becomes obsessive.

Graphic design is the place where art and technology meet and professionals in this industry can be described as the artists of the future. Do you have a flair for design? Find out what it takes to make it in this creative industry.

Do you have a passion for the medical sector? Would you like to care for the sick? Becoming a nurse can be a challenging yet rewarding field of service. Here are some guidelines if you have a desire to serve others through this profession.

Sasol Bursary Scheme

Sasol has established a reputation in the market as an employer of choice. The Sasol bursary scheme boasts an all-inclusive package recognised in South Africa for being highly competitive.

Building a career path isn’t quite as easy as enrolling at university, completing a
course and seeking employment. Before applying to university, college or enrolling in a
short course there are many decisions that need to be made.

Are you looking for a travel and teaching opportunity? Teaching English overseas
could be your ticket out of SA. Sign up for a course at Teaching English as a Foreign
Language (TEFL) and you could be well on your way to exploring the globe while you

Final exams are about to get started and for many of you the main priority is to
achieve good results. But how? Studying hard is half the job but to study effectively
is the real key to successful learning.

Successful businesses are built by successful people. Poor management of any sales
team will in effect see the result of poor profitability. As the saying goes, attitude
reflects leadership. Nowhere is this more obvious to see than amongst an
organisations sales team.

Job hunting can be daunting for the uninitiated, but it doesn?t have to be. There are a
few things that young professionals or students entering the workforce for the first
time can try to ensure that they find their dream job, says Claire Cobbledick, Head of
Marketing of Gumtree South Africa.

You?ve fallen out of love with your job, find cleaning public toilets more appealing than
your average work day and have secretly created a Voodoo doll of your boss. Is it
ever a good idea to resign from your job without having a new one lined up?

Has unemployment or a lack of opportunities left you feeling hopeless? 10 September
is world suicide prevention day. It aims to highlight the issues that lead to suicide and
how to cope if you are feeling depressed.

Do you learn better in a classroom or on your own? Are you self-driven and
motivated? These are some of the questions you will need to answer before choosing
the right place to further your education.

Good leaders seem to be in short supply. What does it take to be a leader that others can respect and emulate? Here are ten easy to follow tips to becoming the leader you want to be.

Nearing the end of ones studies or exploring a new career path can be a stressful time
for an individual. Students all want to land the perfect internship to start a promising
future in the industry of their choice, however the competition is intense as many
students are hoping for the same opportunities.

To get the most out of any experience you need to find the right balance.
University is no different. If you approach it from a holistic point of view you
are guaranteed to learn from and enjoy every aspect of student life.

To help educate and grow entrepreneurs, Engen Petroleum have partnered
with Raizcorp to bring the Pitch and Polish programme to cities and towns across
South Africa, for the fifth time.

How well do you manage your time? Or are you like many of us and say
"There's just not enough time in the day'? These are all classic signs that you
may not be managing your time effectively.