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People don't leave companies, they leave managers. Or so the saying goes.
While there's little to love about a mean boss, sometimes such managers are
the unfortunate side-effect of your dream job or that awesome company
you've always wanted to work for.

Due to international demand and limited space at the University of Cape Town
many young people will miss out on the opportunity to further their studies at
this renowned institution. Find out how you can secure your place.

There is enormous value in serving an internship either during one?s tertiary
education or immediately after graduating, before making a final decision on a

Delegation, meetings and recognition are some of the terms you will
encounter as a manager. Here are some tips to help you transition smoothly
into your new role.

The Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, has
gazetted the National Scarce Skills List: Top 100 Occupations in Demand and
is calling for comments from all interested parties.

The reality of today?s world is that time has become a hindrance for most of us
due to the demand to do more in less time. This can easily consume us on a
daily basis especially if our job requires us to meet continuous deadlines.

cv,job hunt,

The challenges associated with finding employment are probably more daunting to first time job seekers, who do not know the jobsearch landscape and don?t know what to expect, but the search should be treated as a
journey, not a series of attempts.

I often look at youngsters coming into our industry. The interns. They?re the
ones that either light you up and inspire you with their talent and potential, or
they are the ones that make you despair.

If you have never considered a career as an engineer, motor mechanic or
electrician now might be the time. A severe shortage of artisan skills in the
country means that there are plenty of opportunities for youth who are
interested in this line of work.


The Central Application Clearing House (CACH), is once again helping students apply for higher education.

matric exams

If you are well beyond schooling age and are interested in completing your matric exams there are a few things you need to know. Find out which institutions offer matric programmes and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

The changes to the application process at Unisa will affect both new and existing students. Applicants will only be permitted to apply online via the Student Portal and those who do not follow the new process will be barred from registering.

Assessment is the process of making judgments about an individual's competence by
matching evidence of their performance to the appropriate outcomes. Assessors need
to have certain skills and expertise in order to judge competently.

The Services Seta is offering a wide range of learnerships for South African youth and full time job vacancies.

Being able to manage people effectively is about more than talent, it requires training
and practical implementation of the lessons learnt. This is according to the Henley
Business School which offers a variety of leadership and management programmes.

Motivation and passion are not always enough to pursue a career, even one as noble
as becoming a teacher. However Unisa and College of Cape Town is providing
opportunities to those who don?t have the time, money or resources to complete the
traditional Bachelor of Education degree.

Since your CV may be one of dozens that lands on the desk of a recruiter, it's worth investing the time and effort to make sure it stands out from the rest. Learn how to skillfully craft your CV in order to secure a job interview.

In a warehouse environment workers are exposed to a unique set of dangers and hazards. Follow these five practical tips to minimise risks in the workplace and promote a good work ethic amongst employees.

What does it mean to delegate? Managers provide a framework and structure for employees when using the correct delegation techniques. Different elements are listed that should be considered when communicating instructions. Effective tools are also discussed to align your business and peers when managing.

severence pay

Retrenchment is traumatic because the termination is through "no fault" of the employee. Severance pay goes some way to mitigate the loss of employment. Ivan Israelstam explains who is entitled to severance pay and how it is calculated.

Preparing for a disciplinary hearing? Do you know what rights employees have to prepare for the hearing? What does "reasonable time" mean? Ivan Israelstam provides some guidance.

HIV/AIDS effects

The majority of companies in South Africa reported lower productivity and increased levels of absenteeism as a result of HIV/AIDS in the workplace. An economic impact assessment can help your company understand and combat the effects.

The demand for medical professionals is drawing the attention of promising young
talent but what does a career in nursing entail? Taking care of the sick and terminally
ill requires a well-informed mind, a kind heart and a strong stomach.

Absenteeism impacts upon organisations efficiency and cost effectiveness and also disrupts operations and while a large percentage is attributed to genuine cases of illness, many are not leaving employers with the task of finding the middle ground to maintain productivity levels.