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Industry Specific Training
The Profesional Services Contract (PSC) was developed and drafted as part of the NEC system of contract documents.
Course offered by: Alusani Skills and Training Network®
Many factors determine whether a business succeeds or fails, but the “people factor” is the most important. People are a business.
Course offered by: AstroTech
This course examines work/life balance.You will get in touch with what is important to you and explore ways in which you as a woman/mother/wife/employee can function and still have fulfilling careers, meaningful relationships and time for yourself!
Course offered by: A.T.A Training HR Solutions
70-464 DEveningssloping Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel Intermediate 2016
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint LEveningssl 1 2016
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
This skills training programme is accredited by the Services SETA at NQF 4 for 22 credits. Advanced Project Management Training (4 day course) which covers; o Financial Management; o Pricing and Costing; o Business /Project Plans Development
Course offered by: Synergistic Outcomes cc
In recent year’s hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control and a risk based thinking has become fundamental to the practice of planning, management and the operation of a business.
Course offered by: NDJ Consultants
This course is suitable for people that are in the process of making a new change in their lives, how to prepare for the change and how to implement the changes in their lives.
Course offered by: AfriTrainEx
This Workshop is aligned with the following accredited unit standard: • 242810 - Manage Expenditure against a budget.
Course offered by: Africa Competency Development Pty Ltd
This Labour Law Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - is Seta accredited, and is aligned to Unit Standard 13952: Demonstrate basic understanding of the Primary labour legislation that impacts on a business unit.
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
National Certificate in Marketing Management N4 National Certificate in Marketing Management N5 National Certificate in Marketing Management N6
Course offered by: Central Technical College
Aligned to Unit Standard - 252031 This workshop is designed to help people understand what emotional intelligence is and how one can benefit when one has a high EQ. In understand ourselves, we are better able to set goals and become more effective in the workplace.
Course offered by: CorporateWise
The week-long Update on Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery short course consists of 30 lectures and case discussions by 10 veterinary specialists in their respective specialities of small animal internal medicine, small animal surgery and diagnostic imaging.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
PROGRAMME OVERVIEW Managers attending this training will acquire skills to manage the three most prominent managerial workplace challenges: Diversity, Conflict and Negotiations.
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
A database is an organised collection of related information or data. It is used by airlines for booking systems, government for storing of records, banks, hospitals, HR departments for staff records, estate agencies, libraries for book records and many more. This course covers:
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
Do you want to make mobile apps that run on iPhone and iPad, as well as on Android, and Windows Phone? Sure you do! Do you want to learn five different programming languages? Of course you don't! Fortunately, you're about to discover a better way to build apps. In this course, you'll learn how to
Course offered by: savschool
Time: 9:00 - 16:00 AIMS
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
The purpose of this course is to provide delegates with a detailed knowledge of financial mathematics as well as the principles of town planning.
Course offered by: CPMD - College of People Management and Development
This practical and comprehensive three day course uses psychometric tools, case studies and group discussions to enable managers to challenge their current way of managing in the workplace.
Course offered by: Siyanqoba Seminars
Photography is an intensely rewarding, creative and exciting pursuit. It is also far more complex than many people believe it to be. Taking a good photograph requires a combination of excellent technical know-how and artistic flair.
Course offered by: INTEC
This course is designed to provide an overview of the marketing research process and how to perform a primary research study. Candidates will receive the necessary training to perform a basic marketing research study.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
This Workshop is only ONE DAY and it is: fast paced, to the point and complete. It will teach you what you need to know to manage your time and life successfully. Learn how to prioritise, and how to say "NO"!
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
To supply the learners with the necessary knowledge and confidence, enabling them to conduct professional and accurate report writing.
Course offered by: Staff Training
This 2-day accredited course will provide the user with sufficient skills to produce amazing spreadsheets, charts/graphs and print reports using features such as headers and footers.
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
Course offered by: JvR Academy
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
Course offered by: ENJO Consultants CC
So often in life we are governed by the matters of the moment - the urgent rather than the important. Time, and its enormous value, are wasted wittingly or unwittingly as badly as man's other scarce resources.
Course offered by: Cheryl Carter and Associates
During the orientation workshop all learners will be introduced to the National Certificate on ODETD Practices, ID 50334
Course offered by: VeryCoolIdeas
About the programme: This is the traditional Apprentice career path to becoming an artisan. After successful completion and workplace experience, the apprentice may apply for the Trade Test
Course offered by: False Bay FET College
Why this course is perfect for you? Do you see beauty in the everyday? Do you have strong eye for detail and love to capture moments that will last forever? Then zooming in on an exciting career in photography can turn your passion and natural talent into a booming career.
Course offered by: Damelin
This course will equip food handlers with essential knowledge on all Health and Safety issues pertaining to the food industry especially in an industrial kitchen environment
Course offered by: SRA SHE Solutions
Course offered by: Edutel Holdings Pty Ltd
The Certified Rescue Analyst Programme exposes delegates to the new business rescue (BR) regime following updated stipulations in Chapter 6 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008. The programme prepares delegates to understand all issues relevant for acting as a Business Rescue Practitioner (BRP).
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
PUBLIC COURSE FOR EMPLOYMENT EQUITY TRAINING 2017 Unpacking the EE Act- • Understand the act • Purpose of the act Understanding the impact of the new amendments and the implementation • New amendments gazetted in 2014 • Implications of the amendments
Course offered by: Bconsult
Purpose: The combination of learning outcomes that comprise this qualification will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge and skills appropriate to the context of production technology.
Course offered by: Bconsult
The Leadership Development Programme has been crafted to inspire essential leadership skills in delegates and provide them with the skills they need to master their emotions, cope with change and work with others.
Course offered by: Growth-Link Integrated Solutions
The ITIL Service Strategy course provides, tests and validates knowledge on industry practices in service management as documented in the ITIL Service Strategy publication. The course and associated examination are free-standing and form part of the ITIL intermediate lifecycle stream.
Course offered by: Marval South Africa
The Public Sector Accounting Qualifications are customised qualifications, offering accounting officials formal qualifications that ensure immediate demonstration of the acquired skills through their practical and competence-based assessment structures.
Course offered by: Credo Business College
This qualification can be completed as Home Study (Private Individuals) Skills Programme (Corporate Environment) or Learnerships. The pricing reflected is only applicable to Online/Blended learning.
Course offered by: Intelligo Solutions Pty Ltd
Growth-Link Integrated-Solutions has created the Executive Leadership Programme to provide executive management with exceptional tools, skills and insights to help them to drive their own performance, empower their employees and steer the organisation into the future.
Course offered by: Growth-Link Integrated Solutions
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel Advanced 2016
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Aim: This workshop has been designed as a 1 Day Teambuilding yet customer orientated workshop. Its main aim is to provide motivation to the team whilst simultaneously addressing solutions needed to work related challenges. Content
Course offered by: Staff Training
The ITIL CSI course builds on the general principles covered as part of the ITIL® Foundation course. It covers the lifecycle aspects of Continual Service Improvement ( ITIL CSI) and covers the management and control of the activities and techniques within the CSI lifecycle stage.
Course offered by: Marval South Africa
General Terms & Conditions of Purchase / Sale (1 day) General terms and conditions of sale or purchase define the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, when a purchase is awarded or a sale is entered into.
Course offered by: Bespoke Group
The Curriculum Differentiation in Special Classes and Multilevel Teachingcourse teaches about differentiation in various subjects of the curriculum inaccordance with the special support needs of learners with mild to moderate
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
This practical and skills boosting two-day training course has been designed specifically for anyone who has already mastered Excel's fundamentals and is ready to get the tools, tips, techniques and shortcuts required to become a power user.
Course offered by: Alusani Skills and Training Network®
Analyse Training (15 credits)  Demonstrate an understanding of the OBET approach within the context of the NQF, ID 114924  Define target audience profiles and skills gaps, ID 123396  Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues, ID 15221
Course offered by: VeryCoolIdeas
Aligned to Unit Standard: 10985 Credits: Aligned Course Category: Labour Law 1 Day Course 9am - 4pm WHO SHOULD ATTEND
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre


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