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Secretarial & Admin Training
NQF Level 4
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
SEMINAR CONTENT: Ivan Israelstam presents the following Johannesburg Seminar:
Course offered by: Labour Law Management Consulting
Using the Results Coaching Model, gain the skills to become a valuable coach in your organisation Course Overview
Course offered by: Faculty Training Institute
About the programme: Being a Management Assistant presents one with a wide range of career opportunities. It involves providing assistance and support to senior staff members. You will be equipped to play a valuable part in the efficient management of any office environment
Course offered by: False Bay FET College
This is an introductory course on Artificial Insemination (AI) of cattle. The basic anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system are discussed, as well as the basic endocrinology and reproductive cycles in bovines.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
The Thematic Cartography short course assumes already existing basic
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Description: In order to achieve results, you must master the art of bringing your unconscious thoughts to the surface. This course will give you the skills to do just that through neuro linguistic programming. Objectives:
Course offered by: Palomino Training Solutions
NQF level 2
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
This is a programme that is aligned to Unit Standards and is designed to equip Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Sales Team Leaders and Key Account Managers with the necessary knowledge, skills and field applications to produce quality sales performance and to grow the financial value of their company.
Course offered by: VeryCoolIdeas
This programme is designed for junior managers of organisations to gain insight into the role of leadership within the work context and to raise moral standards as a counter to potential or real corruption within a work context.
Course offered by: Khulisane Academy
“If something can go wrong, it will” - Murphy’s Law
Course offered by: AstroTech
The Narrative Group Counselling short course provides you with the intricate details of group counselling to be able to integrate it in your existing pastoral care and counselling practice in a congregation or caring environment.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
The course covers basic strategic management principles, skills and tools and is aimed at middle-management and business owners who require knowledge of strategic management.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
This one day workshop is intended for people who will be responsible for the despatching of stock from a wholesale or retail outlet. Delegates will learn to make comparisons and interpret available information in a stores environment.
Course offered by: Bconsult
Pre-requirements: National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (previous 8 modules) English proficiency Grade 12 or equivalent Description:
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
Batho Pele is an approach to get public servants committed to serving people and to find ways to improve service delivery. This approach also requires the involvement of the public in holding the Public Service accountable for the quality of service provided.
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
The purpose of this qualification is to enable the learner with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to function effectively as an Education, Training and Development Practitioner.
Course offered by: Khulisane Academy
This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 252042 at NQF Level 5 worth 5 credits. Corporate Governance– 1 Day COURSE CONTENT:
Course offered by: Imsimbi training
This one day workshop covers the UCP 600 Completion and guidelines to avoid payment conflict Duration: 1 Days from 08h30 – 15h30
Course offered by: School of Shipping
The Introduction to Artificial Insemination in Cattle course is designed to give an introductory overview and technical knowledge of artificial insemination (AI) for dairy managers, dairy and beef cattle farmers, herdsman and students in animal production, agricultural technicians and extension o
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
How You Will Benefit: • Understand what diversity and its related terms mean • Be aware of how aware you are of diversity and where you can improve • Understand how changes in the world have affected you and your view • Be able to identify your stereotypes
Course offered by: Bconsult
Aligned to Unit Standard - 119472 The AIM of the course is to build confidence by teaching the skills necessary to enable a person to present information logically and clearly at a specific target audience. The course provides both the theory behind verbal presentations and
Course offered by: CorporateWise
his part-time course takes place on Saturday mornings from 09h00 till 12h30 and runs for six weeks. It is aimed at South Africans who speak English as their second or third language and covers both general and business English.
Course offered by: Language Lab
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
SACAP’s BPsych degree is a professional qualification that leads to registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a Registered Counsellor.
Course offered by: The South African College of Applied Psychology SACAP
Workshop Outcome: This workshop will equip Practitioners with skills to assess learners against unit standards and/or qualifications. 
Course offered by: Omni HR Consulting
Teams are becoming a staple in today's workplace. In this course, you'll learn the components of a successful team and the stages of its development. You'll master the skills you'll need to effectively manage projects, make decisions, and solve problems in a team setting.
Course offered by: savschool
An impressive 67.6% of all middle-skill jobs now request a fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Office, and it’s the most widely used software among primary, secondary, and post-secondary students. With that, knowing the features and functionality of this software is becoming increasingly important.
Course offered by: savschool
This Customer Service Training and Telephone Etiquette Training Course - which is offered publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - will: Ensure that all employees in your organisation focus on being service champions
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
This 1 day workshop will cover all the essentials to assist the learner to create Pivot Tables in Excel.
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
Improve your skills through this customer service course where you will learn how to interact with customers and respond to their needs effectively. This is a short course.
Course offered by: Braune Training (Pty) Ltd
Full-time | Course Type: NATED Qualification “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach Get ahead with a National N Diploma in Popular Music Composition
Course offered by: ICESA
This one-day course will provide non-researchers with the basic skills to understand market research, make sound decisions when evaluating research proposals and brief their research or advertising agency.
Course offered by: The Mindspa Institute
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
The workshop will focus on your own styles of communication, build effective listening and response and build skills to see the “big picture” in communication.
Course offered by: Lifeline Johannesburg
This course focuses specifically on the legal requirements pertaining to the Construction Trade.
Course offered by: SRA SHE Solutions
Become more productive and self-reliant by mastering the world’s most popular productivity tool! A recent study identified that almost 750 million people worldwide use MS Excel but most are just scratching at the surface of what Excel can do for them in business.
Course offered by: CBM Training
This Conflict Resolution Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - is a great programme for having Managers, Supervisors and Shop Stewards together in the training (Aligned to Unit Standard 242824; NQF level 4; 12 credits).
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
This programme is aimed at participants who already have a baseline competence in ETD practice. Minimum of two years work experience as a trainer is therefore required.
Course offered by: Institute of People Development
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
The learning Media Designer programme is linked to 4 Unit Standards as listed above and ENJO Consultants are accredited with the ETDP SETA to train this programme.
Course offered by: ENJO Consultants CC
Course offered by: Performance Management Institute - PMI Africa
Workshop Outcome:
Course offered by: Omni HR Consulting
This course is comprised of 5 modules.
Course offered by: IT Certification Academy Pty Ltd
The Quality Assurance training programme is aimed at providing appropriate theoretical and practical training interventions to enable individuals to design a quality effectively execute the tasks required to implement quality assurance within an organisation
Course offered by: Edutel Holdings Pty Ltd
Pre-requirements: English Proficiency Basic knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access Description:
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
Gain a deeper insight into the professional methods, tools and techniques used by modern Business Analysts to specify system requirements Course Overview
Course offered by: Faculty Training Institute
For more information regarding this course visit our website at
Course offered by: Terotechnica Maintenance College
Course offered by: CityVarsity
Course offered by: Raising the Standards


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