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SAQA Qualification ID: 59326, NQF Level: 2, Credits: 131 COURSE OVERVIEW: This course has been designed to give a broad view of the fundamental factors involved in the field of global trade, international logistics and supply chain management.
Course offered by: The Maritime School
In the Agricultural Academy (which forms part of our vocational academy) we offer both qualifications and short learning programmes.
Course offered by: InavitIQ Learning
Your organisation has invested in skills training at various levels yet your workforce is still not performing as one cohesive team…
Course offered by: Media Works
This module covers varying structures, building compound and complex sentences, editing and correcting common errors, the investigative report.
Course offered by: Boston City Campus Business College
The purpose of this programme is to equip learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions. * Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions
Course offered by: Khulisane Academy
This course focuses on chairing a professional meeting and includes aspects of meeting flow and structure, to ensure effective meeting outcomes.
Course offered by: A.T.A Training HR Solutions
INTEC College offers you Draughting training which is approved by the South African Institute of Draughting (SAID) and is fully accredited by the International Academy of Draughting, recognised leaders in the Draughting field.
Course offered by: INTEC
Course offered by: Engineering Institute of Technology – EIT
In this course you'll learn how to develop the skills of a travel writer. You'll learn how to translate what is seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled and felt (intuitively and physically) into publishable articles and books. You'll understand the writing styles and methods needed to sell material
Course offered by: savschool
This course is comprised of 6 modules. You will create and edit basic Microsoft Office Excel 2010 worksheets and workbooks. When you are manually calculating and recording data on paper, you must recalculate every time that you add new data.
Course offered by: IT Certification Academy Pty Ltd
This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standard 252025 at NQF level 5 worth 8 credits. COURSE CONTENTS: Module1 Understanding potential risks o The concept of risk o Risk Factors in a unit
Course offered by: Imsimbi training
Course offered by: VETTA Communication Pty Ltd
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
CBP Business Management
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Master Microsoft Project while learning foundational Project Management principles
Course offered by: Classic Seminars
There are 2 formal assignments per online module. They are set to specifically assess the student’s understanding of the theory and ability to identify and apply knowledge, skills and capabilities to simulated and real-life situations.
Course offered by: The South African College of Applied Psychology SACAP
NQF Level 4
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
Legal and working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulations, standards and guideline documents are required by the Department of Labour to register a facility as an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA).
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Outlines the role of the committee members. How to form committee. How to elect committee members Roles and responsibilities of committee members. Policies and procedures to implement and assess. Codes of good practice
Course offered by: Bconsult
This training course provides the basic of networking, wireless LAN technologies, and security fundamentals.
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Law@work, UCT Faculty of Law, is pleased to present a five-day course on Muslim personal law and Islamic banking and finance.  ABOUT THE COURSE
Course offered by: UCT Law@Work Professional Development Project
This qualification prepares learners for entry into the workplace or as undergraduate study in the Systems Development areas covered at NQF level 5, providing them with the skills needed for further study in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Sciences at Higher Education level.
Course offered by: On the Ball College
Against unit standard - 117870: Conduct targeted traiing and development using given methodologies. Credits: 10, NQF Level 4
Course offered by: Situational HR Trainers
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Through this Conflict Management Training and Conflict Resolution Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - you will gain understanding of the main causes of conflict, and how to manage conflict in your personal life and in your workplace.
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
COURSE OVERVIEW This course is intended for those who need to select and coach first-line managers. It is important to select a first-line manager that has the potential to grow into a specifically identified position.
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
Course name: Contribute to information distribution regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace
Course offered by:
Aim: To assist the learners with the necessary knowledge regarding issues of diversity in a specific South African context. Course Content: Cultural Diversity Can we continue to challenge and shape our perceptions as adults? Understanding Prejudice
Course offered by: Staff Training
The content of this course will suit both lawyers and non-lawyers who are involved with the negotiation, drafting and administration of contracts. To ensure that non-lawyers are able to follow discussions, some time will be spent to explain basic principles and concepts.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
It covers a range of basic accounting practices and techniques; from costing and double-entry bookkeeping to computerised accounting. It's ideal if you’re new to working in finance or you’re looking to expand and develop your foundation knowledge and skills
Course offered by: Oxbridge Training Institute Pty Ltd
The purpose of this programme is to facilitate training and educational opportunities for individuals currently employed in the southern African road transport industry or those wishing to pursue a career in this industry. Individuals will have the opportunity
Course offered by: Open Learning Group
The Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v1.0 course introduces the students to the three primary technologies that are used in the Cisco data center.
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
This unit standard will enable learners to analyse and apply management practices within the supply chain.
Course offered by: End2end Supply Chain Consulting and Academy
Leadership skills can help you gain the respect and admiration of others, while also allowing you to enjoy success in your career and more control over your destiny. Contrary to popular belief, leadership skills can be learned and developed. Even if you don't hold a leadership position, this course
Course offered by: savschool
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; we think that an Excel chart can do just that for your reports and business presentations! Join us for just half a day and learn how to make your point visually by polishing your Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 graph expertise.
Course offered by: Options in Training
Purpose: To provide participants with a high level orientation to OD as a mission critical organisational discipline and key executive task
Course offered by: JvR Academy
Accreditation and Training Services’ Skills Development Facilitator course will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to identify training needs, draw up Work Place Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports and implement Quality Management Systems in an organisation.
Course offered by: Accreditation & Training Services
Modern quality management systems involve individuals with a larger number and wider variety of other people in the course of their work than ever before, which inevitably means all the more opportunity for conflicts to arise.
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
A programme for those wishing to assist others in the compilation of a portfolio of evidence for assesssment. This is a must for all HR Practitioners with an interest in RPL assessment for employees
Course offered by: AMSI & Associates cc
This Workshop is aligned to the following accredited unit standards: • 117877 - Perform One to One Training on the Job. • 117874 - Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities.
Course offered by: Africa Competency Development Pty Ltd
This 2-week DataMaster program is designed to rapidly develop the data analysis skills your team needs to deliver value in new and unthought-of ways.
Course offered by: BMGI SA ( Pty) Ltd
Why this course is perfect for you? Are you a technical, audio-minded person with a good ear for sound, acoustics and rhythm? If so then a promising career in the field of Sound Technology awaits you.
Course offered by: Damelin
U/S 120388: NQF Level 4 / 14 Credits Supervise a project team of a small project to deliver project objectives.  Credits count towards Qualification 50333 : National Diploma in ODETDP.  Course Content :
Course offered by: Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy
MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2010 Intermediate
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Business Data Modeling explores business rules, policies and procedures and how they can be modeled effectively. Participants will learn entity relationship diagramming, super and sub-types, attributive and associative entities, and documenting data constraints.
Course offered by: Arnold Ndlovu
People with good interpersonal skills are easy to be around. They connect with other people effortlessly, they seem to know the right things to say and they make communication in general an easy process.
Course offered by: Options in Training
About the programme:
Course offered by: False Bay FET College