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This Industrial Relations course is a workshop designed to enable delegates to understand the difference between misconduct and incapacity.
Course offered by: LabourNet
The activity will advance attendees’ theory base in Career Counselling to one that is more holistic, contextual and multicultural.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Course offered by: Imsimbi training
Welcome to Windows 10, the completely new operating system from Microsoft, which offers a more robust, more powerful, and completely unique computing experience. In this course, you'll gain the foundation you need to get started right away using Windows 10. We'll begin with the basics: finding your
Course offered by: savschool
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Intermediate
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Handling Discipline and Poor Performance This programme is designed for Supervisors and Middle Managers who are:
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
The Assessor Training Programme is based on SAQA Unit Standard 115753, Conduct outcomes-based assessment.
Course offered by: ENJO Consultants CC
The Assessor Training Programme is based on SAQA Unit Standard 115753, Conduct outcomes-based assessment.
Course offered by: ENJO Consultants CC
Course offered by: Agilocity Pty Ltd
Course offered by: Emergence Learning Hub
Aligned to SAQA’s Unit Standard 14348, NQF Level 2, Credits 3 The workshop is designed to encourage staff to interact and to discuss the challenges of their position, solve problems and enhance their motivation and commitment to this role. References
Course offered by: Kwelanga Training
This course has been designed for the individual in the retail environment who is responsible for managing stock holding procedures and replenishing stock levels in their business.
Course offered by: Braune Training (Pty) Ltd
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Programme Overview (1 or 2 days workshop) Welcome to this learning programme that will lead the learner to a greater understanding of managing expenditure against a budget.
Course offered by:
Course offered by: Comficor Consulting Comficor Professional Development
Course Content: 1. Working Efficiently • Design, Techniques and Hyperlinks 2. Text Editing • Text Effects, Design, Orientation and Animation 3. Paragraph editing • Paragraph Shading, Highlighting, Styles and Borders
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
This module covers the basic principles of public relations, the communication process, forms of communication, public relations and the mass media, public relations strategy and more.
Course offered by: Boston City Campus Business College
This course focuses on empowering staff to be more successful regarding: Increased ownership & involvement, Responsibilities & activities, Feedback loop and the Time line
Course offered by: LEAP
Course offered by: Performance Management Institute - PMI Africa
The course is hands on with the learners being equipped with skills to prepare, conduct and evaluate a variety of learning activities through effective facilitation. The course is accredited against SAQA Unit Standard 117871, NQF Level 5 Credits: 10.
Course offered by: University of Intellectual Excellence
This generic assessor training is for those who assess people for their achievement of learning outcomes in terms of defined standards, including national curriculum statements, unit standards, exit level outcomes and qualifications.
Course offered by: Annacol Training Consultants
About the programme: This qualification will enable you to further your studies, become self-employed or find employment in the hospitality industry. You can pursue an occupation in Food preparation as a Commis chef or Assistant chef. Admission Requirements: Grade 9
Course offered by: False Bay FET College
This module covers masking and clipping layers, editing an image using quick mask overlay,masking vector paths, creating special effects and more.
Course offered by: Boston City Campus Business College
SAQA Code: N/A Semester 1 and 2 courses INTERESTED IN STUDYING FILM AND MEDIA? CityVarsity has a flexible study option for you. Learn the basics – while exploring the theory and practical skills required to perform effectively in the Film and Media industries.
Course offered by: CityVarsity
This programme is based on a systems-approach to Human Resources Management (HRM) and covers all the application fields of HRM. It aims to ensure that HRM practitioners will be able to operate more effectively in their organisations.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Conducted by experienced instructors in a fully equipped classroom, the Skills College practical training programme helps students improve their skills.
Course offered by: The Skills College for Development and Training
Aligned to Unit Standard: 117871 NQF Level: NQF 4 Credits: Aligned Course Category: Personal Development Time: 9:00 - 16:00 Duration: 3 Days WHO SHOULD ATTEND
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
Course offered by: College of Production Technology
Learn how to code and decode webpages using HTML language. Price includes your Manual, Certification, Stationery, Lunch and Refreshments.
Course offered by: Keybase Training Solutions - Pretoria
 New researchers, postgraduate students and inexperienced study supervisors are often confronted with research results following a primary research study that are less than ideal in terms of quality, or the data provides little room for advanced stati
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Purpose The purpose of this programme is to equip participants with broader knowledge and skills on Shop Steward Practice. Starting off with a review on basic shop steward practice concepts and then moving to more detailed aspects, as set out in the following modules:
Course offered by:
SAQA ID: 73496, NQF Level 6 (Credits: 360) Would you like to work in government? Acquire the relevant competencies to orchestrate change in society and look forward to a rewarding future. Course Objectives
Course offered by: Lyceum
Core 12463 Understand and deal with HIV/AIDS Level 2 NQF Level 02 3
Course offered by: Bconsult
Qualification/Unit Standard ID: 66789 Level 5 Credits 134 PURPOSE
Course offered by: Southern African Institute of Learning
To ensure you're well prepared to meet your children's needs, we'll discuss learning styles and how they affect homeschooling. You'll learn how to take your children out of school and make their transition to homeschooling both fun and effective. We'll talk about children that need extra attention
Course offered by: savschool
Coordinate Learning (How to coordinate learning in an organisation) Purpose
Course offered by: Very Cool Ideas
Course offered by: Success Factory
This Workshop is aligned with the following accredited unit standard: • 242811 - Prioritise time and work for self and team.
Course offered by: Africa Competency Development Pty Ltd
Senior leaders set the priorities, goals and objectives of an organisation. Even more, they set the tone and create the organisational culture. Yet, when it comes down to the daily engagement levels of staff, no-one has a greater impact than first line leaders.
Course offered by: Free To Grow
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Individuals and business professionals who want to manage their stress response and not fall victim to the negative consequences of chronic stress.
Course offered by: JvR Academy
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Adobe's Photoshop CC is the industry standard professional photo editing software for digital photographers and graphic artists, now available through the Creative Cloud. If you already know the basics of this powerful program, you're ready to expand your skills and put the power of Photoshop to
Course offered by: savschool
Course offered by: Siyanqoba Seminars
• Do your cleaning staff realise how important they are? • Do they have the training to carry out their duties, including the extra ones expected by customers?
Course offered by: Siyanqoba Seminars
This course is comprised of 5 modules. Your training and experience using Microsoft Access 2013 has given you basic database management skills such as creating tables, designing forms and reports, and building queries.
Course offered by: IT Certification Academy Pty Ltd
Course offered by: Advanced Assessments Training Pty Ltd
This qualification is intended to equip junior managers with the management training, knowledge, skill development, attitudes and values required for them to operate confidently as junior managers.This qualification is intended for currently employed and other learners who intend to follow a care
Course offered by: People Solutions
Full-time | IVQ ID: 8065-02: IVQ Level: 2 | Course Type: City and Guilds IVQ programme (Agent Programme) “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw Secure your future with a Diploma in Food and Beverage Service
Course offered by: ICESA
Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to create and edit spreadsheets
Course offered by: On the Ball College