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Coaching and Counselling
SACAP’s Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching is a comprehensive qualification designed to equip professional coach practitioners. This part-time 18-24 month qualification designed for working professionals, balances academic rigor with practical applications of learning.
Course offered by: The South African College of Applied Psychology SACAP
If you have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position or want to learn how to become a more effective manager, this course will help you master the basics of business by learning the language of management. You will learn how to make a successful transition from employee to
Course offered by: savschool
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
First Aid Level 1 Training is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and providing basic Life Support and basic First Aid in order to stabilise patients prior to the arrival of Emergency Services.
Course offered by: Accreditation & Training Services
SACAP’s BAppSocSci degree is a comprehensive, 3-year, undergraduate qualification that develops a robust theoretical and methodological understanding of the discipline of psychology embedded within the social sciences.
Course offered by: Bronwyn
Outlines the role of the committee members. How to form committee. How to elect committee members Roles and responsibilities of committee members. Policies and procedures to implement and assess. Codes of good practice
Course offered by: Bconsult
How You Will Benefit: • Understand what diversity and its related terms mean • Be aware of how aware you are of diversity and where you can improve • Understand how changes in the world have affected you and your view • Be able to identify your stereotypes
Course offered by: Bconsult
Use a GUI based presentation applciation to enhance a presentation appearance. Use a GUI based spreadsheet application to solve a given problem,
Course offered by: MSC College
Duration: 32 days of contact sessionsCredits Earned: 151
Course offered by: ENJO Consultants CC
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Learn how TWITTER can be used effectively to market your business.
Course offered by: Keybase Training Solutions - Pretoria
Course offered by: College of Production Technology
This module covers the law, law of contract of sale, breach of contract, business entities and more.
Course offered by: Boston City Campus Business College
■ Identify Contact Centre customers and their needs. ■ Respond to customers with factual and accurate information. ■ Gather and process data specifically related to Contact Centres. ■ Operate as a team member in a diverse working environment.
Course offered by: Training Force
To apply leadership concepts in a work context using the Enneagram Self-Mastery Tool. A portion of this workshop is customised to the individual. This workshop is fully accredited with unit standard 242824.
Course offered by: Staff Training
The Renewable Energy: Distributed Generation short course covers the fast-growing wind and photovoltaic (PV) technology in detail. It also briefly covers other renewable energy technology such as small hydro-power systems, concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies, biomass, etc.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Learners accessing this standard will be working as a leader in the context of a small project/sub-project involving few resources and having a limited impact on stakeholders and the environment or working as a contributing team member on a medium to large project when not a leader.
Course offered by: Bconsult
Accredited and Aligned to SAQA’s Unit Standard 119472, NQF Level 3, Credits 5
Course offered by: Kwelanga Training
Course offered by: BC Landscape Training and Consultancy
Aim The aim of this course is for delegates to be able to receive stock in a wholesale/retail organisation, implement security procedures to prevent shrinkage and losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain by recording required information on stock being received and dispatched.
Course offered by: Staff Training
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Evaluate education, training and development providers : Unit standard 15191. To develop competencies for persons who intend to conduct internal or external evaluations of the quality of education, training and development providers.
Course offered by: Comficor Consulting Comficor Professional Development
Demonstrate your expertise at designing and developing the fast and fluid Store apps that are the focal point of the user experience on Windows 8 Consumer Preview by earning the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Windows Store Apps certification.
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Customer Sense is an unforgettable one day learning experience that energises your people into making your organisation famous for service. Customer sense is all about value and how to maximise the customer's perception of value.
Course offered by: DYNA Training
Forklifts NQF Level 3 (6 Credits) Cranes NQF Level 3 (10 Credits) PAYMENT TERMS – Course Fees are strictly payable in advance, unless your company has a credit facility available.
Course offered by: Eastcape Training Centre
Access to a computer and the internet. A valid e-mail address. A familiarity with accessing and reading PDF documents, watching videos online, and creating documents in Microsoft Word.
Course offered by: The South African College of Applied Psychology SACAP
Update your skills with this fast-paced introduction to UML-based analysis and design Course Overview
Course offered by: Faculty Training Institute
The aim of the courses is to achieve the knowledge and skills to design and develop learning materials and assessment instruments in line with the prevailing educational philosophies and skills development requirements, taking the current changes into account.
Course offered by: Comficor Consulting Comficor Professional Development
The most effective way of bringing out the best in people is coaching and unless managers are proficient and skilled in counselling employees they will not be effective as managers and leaders.
Course offered by: AMSI & Associates cc
Gain The Necessary Skills To Use The More Advanced Features Of Word To Create, Manage, Revise And Distribute Long Documents, Forms And Web Pages. Price includes your Manual, Certification, Stationery, Lunch and Refreshments.
Course offered by: Keybase Training Solutions - Pretoria
Conflict Management Training: The following is a list of our Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution courses run in South Africa:
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
Introduction This course is designed to furnish both Management and Shop Stewards with the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to effectively engage one another in the workplace. Course Content:
Course offered by:
NQF level 2
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
Target Audience: Managers, staff and practitioners operating in advisory roles within Education, Training and Development departments. Implementation Process:
Course offered by: Omni HR Consulting
Spend three days getting a feel for this powerful graphics package and realise what a positive impact it can have on your business! Begin by exploring the workspace and taking a tour of the tools available. Use the colour palettes as you learn to set up the page layout.
Course offered by: Options in Training
This qualification is intended to equip junior managers with the management training, knowledge, skill development, attitudes and values required for them to operate confidently as junior managers.This qualification is intended for currently employed and other learners who intend to follow a care
Course offered by: People Solutions
Managers, who attend this 1-Day Workshop, will demonstrate:
Course offered by: Situational HR Trainers
As economic crimes continue to increase, forensic practitioners must expand their detection and investigative skills in order to stay ahead in this field.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
This Workshop is aligned to the following accredited unit standard: • 115759 - Conduct Moderation of Outcomes Based Assessments.
Course offered by: Africa Competency Development Pty Ltd
As a manager, when you want to make a major decision, you need to do research, which inevitably results in information overload as you are inundated with information from various online and printed sources.
Course offered by: CBM Training
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Today’s professional ‘PA / Secretary / Frontline staff’ is expected to assume management and technical responsibilities, often in the absence of their manager. They are expected to co-ordinate peers, supervise, identify and handle both decisions and crises.
Course offered by: Intelligent Africa Markting and Training Pty Ltd
This Qualification addresses general competences across eight key ETD roles, and provides an opportunity for learners to specialise in four key areas in line with possible career opportunities or areas of interest.
Course offered by: Maccauvlei
Skills are provided for the Accounts Clerk (processing monthly financial transactions) and the Debtors and Creditors Clerk functions.
Course offered by: Milpark Education Pty Ltd
Understand how social media can be used effectively to market your business.
Course offered by: Keybase Training Solutions - Pretoria
Programme Overview Welcome to this learning programme that will lead the learner to a greater understanding of developing, implementing and evaluating a project plan.
Course offered by:
Workshops are aligned to the following accredited qualification: • 57712 - Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management.
Course offered by: Africa Competency Development Pty Ltd
Learnership Seminar
Course offered by: Bconsult
Full-time and Part-Time | 1 Year | SAQA ID: 58380 | NQF Level: 5 | Credits: 125 | Course Type: Higher Certificate “The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.” Douglas Engelbart
Course offered by: ICESA
Course offered by: Labour Law Management Consulting


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