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Computer Skills
Customer Service Skills
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Course offered by: Ekurhuleni Artisans Skills Training Centre
The training offered focuses on leadership and empowerment issues. It offers the participants the opportunity to explore their communication styles and skills, and offers techniques to cope more effectively with their tasks.
Course offered by: Lifeline Johannesburg
A wide variety of industry and career specific registered qualifications are available through our associates who are all registered with Umalusi and accredited by the relevant ETQA.
Course offered by: AMSI & Associates cc
This programme presents a framework for emotional intelligence as set of skills hypothesised to contribute to the accurate appraisal and expression of emotion in oneself and in others, the effective regulation of emotion in self and others, and the use of feelings to motivate, plan and achieve in
Course offered by: NDJ Consultants
Did you know that it costs on average 24 times the base pay when you make a poor or miscalculated recruitment decision? So it goes without saying that making the right hire should be the goal of every manager.
Course offered by: Alusani Skills and Training Network®
Through this Emotional Intelligence Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - delegates are equipped with life-skills and inter-relational competencies that enable them to significantly increase their EQ and overall effectiveness.
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
This is a fully accredited programme aligned with the following Unit Standards: US ID -115753 : Conduct outcomes-based assessment 15 Credits on NQF Level 5 US ID -115755 : Design and develop outcomes-based assessments 10 Credits on NQF Level 6
Course offered by: Skills Dynamics Africa
BMS is a dynamic and practical programme aimed at energising Managers into radically improving their skills and the performance of their team. This is achieved through DYNA'S advanced learning methodology as well as workplace visits to assist in application of learning.
Course offered by: DYNA Training
MOS: Microsoft Office Excel Advanced 2016
Course offered by: CTU Training Solutions
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
People credited with this unit standard are able to use keyboard techniques to key in alpha and numeric text, symbols, and special characters, using a standard alpha-numerical keyboard; identify and remedy technique errors; apply keyboard techniques and ergonomic practices to avoid overuse injuri
Course offered by: Training Force
Handling Conflict Situations training consists of two modules that highlights healthy conflict resolution with the backup of the Labour Relations Act.
Course offered by: Litha-Lethu
Course Description
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
Delegates learn the value of strong internal customer/supplier relationships, key elements of good customer service and the nature of customer expectations.
Course offered by: Growth-Link Integrated Solutions
This course is comprised of 6 modules. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration and allow people to use familiar applications and web-based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location.
Course offered by: IT Certification Academy Pty Ltd
■ Procedures relating to the receiving of monies include understanding how to keep a receipt book, being able to determine the validity of cheques, correct counting of money and checking of amounts.
Course offered by: Training Force
Looking to Score Valuable BEE points or Take Charge Of Your Personal And Professional Development Qualification ID: 57712 – NQF Level 4Credits: 150Modules: 5Duration: 7 Days over 12 Months Course Outline: 1. Developing Plans to Achieve Objectives 2. Organising Resources 3. Leading a Team 4.
Course offered by: Bconsult
Workshop Outcome:
Course offered by: Omni HR Consulting
Organisations, managers and employees must have a common purpose or objective, in order to coordinate their actions continuously.
Course offered by: NDJ Consultants
About the programme: If you are passionate about drawing and design, cartoons, video games, animated movies and would like to pursue a career in the creative field, this programme is for you. Admission Requirements: Grade 12 along with a portfolio
Course offered by: False Bay FET College
For more information regarding this course visit our website at
Course offered by: Terotechnica Maintenance College
Our training approach delivers theoretical input, interspersed with experiential exercises, case studies and practical examples, and is conducted over 3 days. The skills programme comprises six modules:
Course offered by: Litha-Lethu
Learning Outcomes:
Course offered by: Maccauvlei
This course forms part of the National Qualification: Environmental Education, Training &  Development Practices NQF L5 (122 Credits). Successful participants are awarded an ETDP SETA  Statement of Results after successfully completing the three unit standards. 
Course offered by: WESSA Work Skills
Understanding how and why business operates is a fundamental skill for all senior secretaries and aspiring PAs.
Course offered by: CBM Training
SAQA ID: 24332, NQF Level 5 (Credits: 120) Do you desire to start, grow and run your own business? It’s to become business savvy and begin a new venture. Course Objectives
Course offered by: Lyceum
The Information Security Management course provides youwith knowledge on the management actions necessary to addressthe implementation and maintenance of processes, proceduresand other issues such as organisational culture. These processes
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
The role of a competent and knowledgeable Skills Development Facilitator is crucial in any organisation. As the South African economy becomes more globally competitive; the training, development and continuous improvement of the workforce is essential.
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Join us and discover this fascinating world through a photographer's eye. This course will address the special needs and techniques digital photographers need to capture scenes from around the world and bring them home. We'll focus on specific tips for digital photographers, and how to use both
Course offered by: savschool
Modern quality management systems involve individuals with a larger number and wider variety of other people in the course of their work than ever before, which inevitably means all the more opportunity for conflicts to arise.
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
This skills programme introduces the learner to the control and management of inventory and the replenishment thereof.
Course offered by: Bizzpro
In this course you will focus on managing the constraints typical of a project such as; limits on time, human resources, materials, budget and specifications.
Course offered by: Arnold Ndlovu
The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply leadership competencies to ensure service excellence.  
Course offered by: execuprime
This Managing Diversity training - which we offer throughout South Africa - guides managers and EE Committees through the process of valuing diversity, and building a high performance culture (Aligned to Unit Standard 252043; NQF level 5; 6 credits).
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
This programme is designed to give delegates the tools and skills to market themselves and their skill sets effectively in the workplace.
Course offered by: Khulisane Academy
Aligned to Unit Standard: 10985 Credits: Aligned Course Category: Labour Law 1 Day Course 9am - 4pm WHO SHOULD ATTEND
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
Course offered by: Palomino Training Solutions
IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is a standalone software product, designed to qualitatively analyse responses to open-ended questions.
Course offered by: Olsps Analytics Pty Ltd
All frontline staff, as well as people who are new to the business world should attend this practical workshop. Improve general attitude, telephone and communication skills, motivating staff in their line of duty.
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
VQM/EPOE Electronic Portfolio of Evidence Safari Over 40 000 titles including eBooks, audio books, videos, live expert training courses and curated content such as learning paths Cengage
Course offered by: DEG Digital Education Group
Certificate: Accounting Administration
Course offered by: INTEC
Course offered by: Staff Training
This course is accredited by the Services Seta and covers unit standards 114226 at NQF level 5 worth 8 credits. 3 Day course Course Content MODULE 1: Conflict Management  What is Conflict
Course offered by: Imsimbi training
ETDP QUALIFICATION 50333 Diploma: Occupationally-directed ETD Practices 4 x 5-day study schools Comprehensive Portfolio Guidelines R12 000,00 per person, per study school excl. VAT (R48 000,00 for all four study schools excl. VAT)
Course offered by: Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
Course offered by: Learn Ability
This module covers deed of sale,the importance of deed of transfer,mortgage bonds and more.
Course offered by: Boston City Campus Business College
Negative conflict wastes time and energy, causing stress and undermining morale. This programme is aimed at assisting individuals in developing conflict management strategies relevant for the workplace as well as their personal lives.
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016 Take control of your data! In this course, you'll learn how to harness the power of Microsoft Access 2016 to organize, store, edit, manage, and report on hundreds of thousands of records. Intermediate Microsoft Access 2016 Do you want to take your Microsoft
Course offered by: savschool