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Computer Skills
This one day course gets trainees with no previous exposure to computers excited and keen to learn more about computers.
Course offered by: Options in Training
Edward Deming, the father of quality management, has said that people can face almost any problem except the problem of people. They can work long hours, face declining business, even the loss of a job, but they can’t deal with the difficult people in their lives.
Course offered by: Bconsult
COURSE OVERVIEW Team leaders, supervisors and junior managers who have acquired leadership skills are able to motivate staff, have knowledge of team dynamics and know how to communicate effectively.
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
Chemical Studies N1 - Water and Waste-water Treatment Practice (4 Subjects) Learn to focus on the usage of water, water sources, supplies and the environment, water quality and treatment, waste water and sanitation.
Course offered by: INTEC
Learners credited with this unit standard are able to manage personal finances.
Course offered by: Training Force
The current economy means that organisation's have to scrutinise where money is being spent and where they are making money. As a result, managers have to submit and work to tighter budgets, reduce costs, minimise expenditure, and come up with ideas for improving profits.
Course offered by: CBM Training
Certificate: Commerce: Marketing Management
Course offered by: INTEC
Full-time | Course Type: N4-N6 “Music is love in search of a word.” Sidney Lanier Get ahead with a National N Diploma in Popular Music Performance
Course offered by: ICESA
Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are always hearing things like "Try harder," "Pay attention," and "Sit still." And they'd love to do these things—but they don't know how! In this course, you'll discover practical ways to help children with ADHD control their behavior and
Course offered by: savschool
The New Engineering Contract Family of Contracts (NEC3) is used by major organisations across the length and breadth of South Africa. And this modern family of contracts has fast become a standard for private companies, parastatals and public sector organisations alike.
Course offered by: Alusani Skills and Training Network®
Assessments are designed according to a Competency Framework which is derived from global best practice for the particular role. Each competency is assessed and questions relevant to both the role and the level are selected from an extensive question database.
Course offered by: Bizzpro
The role of a competent and knowledgeable Skills Development Facilitator is crucial in any organisation. As the South African economy becomes more globally competitive; the training, development and continuous improvement of the workforce is essential.
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
This course consists of an N4 Certificate, N5 Certificate and N6 Certificate. After completing the N6 Certificate students need to submit proof of 24 months experience in industry/practical before they can qualify for the National N-Diploma.
Course offered by: College of Cape Town
It is essential that line managers are able to manage the performance of their people effectively, keeping their performance consistently up to standard.  They need to set clear Key Responsibility areas and Objectives and manage their performance against these.  The focus is on the skills needed
Course offered by: SmartMoves Human Capital
- Practical techniques show learners how to analyse and improve stressful work patterns, prioritise, delegate and make time to relax - Clear text and illustrations cover every aspect of stress management at work
Course offered by: NDJ Consultants
Course offered by: Performance Management Institute - PMI Africa
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
This Shop Steward Training - which we offer throughout South Africa - ensures that Shop Stewards acquire the critical competencies to work between the workforce and management in monitoring fair treatment, and building sound working relations for all parties.
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
SPECIFIC OUTCOMES:  Explain the relationship between the type, ownership, size of an organisation and its management structure  Explain the relationship between various management roles  Describe the management activities involved in running a successful business
Course offered by: Maccauvlei
Unit Standard: 114226 NQF Level NQF 5 Credits: 8 Course Category: Management & Leadership 3 Day Course 9am - 4pm Daily
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
Oxbridge Academy offers N1-N3 Engineering Courses, Technical Matric and bridging courses, which are available from anywhere in South Africa via distance learning. Electrical Engineering:
Course offered by: Oxbridge Academy
This programme is designed to prepare experienced manufacturing personnel for management positions.
Course offered by: Optimum Learning Technologies
This course will guide learners in setting goals and objectives, establishing performance standards, implementing monitoring systems and conducting performance reviews.
Course offered by: Growth-Link Integrated Solutions
COURSE OBJECTIVES: To understand both the role and function of an effective Human Resources Department and improve your skills in managing your human capital.
Course offered by: Centre of Excellence
Duration: 14 X 5 day contact sessionsCredits Earned: 241
Course offered by: ENJO Consultants CC
This course is comprised of 5 modules.
Course offered by: IT Certification Academy Pty Ltd
This is the introductory level of the AT(SA) qualifications. The Certificate: Accounting Technician Qualification consists of five units with five computer-based assessments (CBAs).
Course offered by: Credo Business College
This 2-day Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - is Seta accredited, and is aligned to Unit Standard 14927: Apply Problem Solving Strategies. It is customizable to a 1-day course.
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
It's truly amazing that we can communicate just by using our hands! Add different facial expressions, and you have a conversation—the language of Deaf people. In this course, you'll discover how to use this graceful, expressive language to communicate with Deaf people. Throughout, you'll learn by
Course offered by: savschool
Course offered by: KZN Business Training Centre
Once you have attended an Access Basics course, this advanced course will give you a better understanding of how the properties in a table affect the rest of the database.
Course offered by: Options in Training
Our course approach delivers theoretical input, interspersed with experiential exercises, case studies and practical examples, and is conducted over 2 days. The course material includes the following topics:
Course offered by: Litha-Lethu
Course offered by: VETTA Communication Pty Ltd
Course offered by: Maccauvlei
Advanced Secretary & PA Workshop
Course offered by: The Mindspa Institute
INTEC College offers you Draughting training which is approved by the South African Institute of Draughting (SAID) and is fully accredited by the International Academy of Draughting, recognised leaders in the Draughting field.
Course offered by: INTEC
SAQA ID: 24331, NQF Level 5 (Credits: 120) Do you strive for high levels of excellence? Acquire the skills to improve quality and achieve a competitive advantage in your career. Course Objectives
Course offered by: Lyceum
The anger management training offered hones effective interpersonal communication at all levels and with diverse individuals; develops assertiveness, and teaches conflict management techniques (if time permits). Self-awareness and understanding of personal interactive styles are also stressed.
Course offered by: Lifeline Johannesburg
The Environmental Compliance short course will teach you how to minimise organisational liabilities with respect to environmental legislation and how to interact with audit, inspection and enforcement processes.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Pre-requirements: National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (previous 3 subjects) English proficiency Grade 12 or equivalent No prior accounting knowledge needed Available as a learnership Description:
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software lets you deliver professional PDF communications. Create and edit PDF files with rich media included, share information more securely, and gather feedback more efficiently.
Course offered by: Keybase Training Solutions - Pretoria
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
• Demonstrate an understanding of the production function and its management in the context of the organisation as a whole. • Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of supply chain and supply chain management.
Course offered by: Production Management Institute of SA
UCT Law@work is pleased to add a three-day short course in legislative drafting to its suite of writing courses.  ABOUT THE COURSE
Course offered by: UCT Law@Work Professional Development Project
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
Purpose and Modules: • CPIM programme has changed over the years to keep abreast of current knowledge and practices.
Course offered by: Bizzpro
Purpose and Rationale
Course offered by: Production Management Institute of SA
Do you need to learn English—and learn it fast? If so, this is the course for you! Don't worry if you don't know a lot of English. In these lessons, you'll start with the basics and build your skills step-by-step. Fun activities and games will help you learn the English you need for real-life
Course offered by: savschool
COURSE OVERVIEW Office administrators need to manage their workloads and take the lead to balance efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.
Course offered by: DEAL Training Consultants cc
Gaining a meaningful understanding of Skills Development Legislation and the art of skills planning will enable you to bridge the skills gaps that exist in your organisation as well as having a positive impact on your B-BBEE Scorecard.
Course offered by: CBM Training