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Assessor, Moderator, SDF and ETDP
Training Management (How to manage a training department or division) (Management Development Training Programme) (52 Credits) Duration: 4 days Purpose
Course offered by: VeryCoolIdeas
Did you know that it costs on average 24 times the base pay when you make a poor or miscalculated recruitment decision? So it goes without saying that making the right hire should be the goal of every manager.
Course offered by: Alusani Skills and Training Network®
Consists of 29 unit standards, including:
Course offered by: WESSA Work Skills
Explain the concept of leadership Differentiate between the concepts of leadership and management Apply leadership techniques to individuals and teams within the work context Evaluate the impact of the leadership techniques applied
Course offered by: AMSI & Associates cc
Qualification/Unit Standard ID: 36436/36438/36437 Level: 4/5/6 Credits: 163/142/144
Course offered by: Southern African Institute of Learning
This course is accredited by the Services Seta and covers unit standards 120372 and 120379 at NQF level 4 worth 13 credits. Course Outcomes: •Apply the principles and theories of project management •Apply a range of project management tools and techniques
Course offered by: Imsimbi training
CompTIA Linux+ CompTIA A+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ CompTIA Storage+
Course offered by: Bytes People Solutions
Course offered by: INTEC
Description: Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and manage emotions and relationships. This course will help you develop your emotional intelligence to give you that extra edge in building relationships and connecting with others.
Course offered by: Palomino Training Solutions
This programme has been designed in collaboration with experienced manufacturing executives to address the specific competencies required by supervisors in an operations environment. The emphasis is on providing hands-on skills as opposed to textbook knowledge provided by other courses.
Course offered by: Optimum Learning Technologies
15221 NQF Level 5 4 Credits Provide Information and Advice Regarding Skills Development & Related Issues 15232 NQF Level 5 6 Credits Coordinate Planned Skills Development Interventions in an Org. 15217 NQF Level 5 6 Credits
Course offered by: Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy
The purpose of this qualification is to further develop the student’s upholstery and woodworking skills, and thereby to enable him/her to enter into a career in furniture production.
Course offered by: College of Cape Town
Mentoring, whether on an executive level or for any level of employee, is based on a partnership that involves giving both support and challenging opportunities to employees. Knowing how and when to mentor is an essential skill that can benefit both you and your organisation.
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
In today’s world where customer satisfaction and competitiveness are a function of quality levels, individuals with the capacity to successfully implement Total Quality Management (TQM), represent a priceless asset to any organisation.
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
NQF Level 2
Course offered by: Primeserv HR Solutions
The Quality Assurance training programme is aimed at providing appropriate theoretical and practical training interventions to enable individuals to design a quality effectively execute the tasks required to implement quality assurance within an organisation
Course offered by: Edutel Holdings Pty Ltd
Course offered by: Centre of Excellence
Qualifying learners can perform basic first aid at the scene of an accident to minimise the risk of further injury or death.
Course offered by: Training Force
This enlightening two day course is ideal for facilitators to learn the tricks of the training trade. Delegates gain expertise from fellow trainers, both experienced and new to the profession. They then reinforce their own learning through role plays and valuable peer feedback.
Course offered by: Options in Training
                  Essential Processes and Skills when Conducting Credible Examinations                                                           18th - 22nd February 2019
Course offered by: Intelligent Africa Markting and Training Pty Ltd
Today team leaders, managers and business people must be flexible enough to be able to respond to situations which threaten their success in the business world as well as their relationships with their customers.
Course offered by: Cheryl Carter and Associates
Pre-requirements: English proficiency Grade 11, NQF 3 or equivalent No prior accounting knowledge needed Available as a Learnership Description:
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
Course offered by: Ekurhuleni Artisans Skills Training Centre
The course provides delegates with knowledge and skills on the basic concepts and principles necessary for sound financial management, the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 (PFMA), the Treasury Regulations, effective strategic planning and the medium-term expenditure fra
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
This is the ideal course for client facing staff that needs to acquire reception, switchboard and customer care skills. Module 1: Reception The Importance of the Receptionist Qualities of an Efficient Receptionist Dealing with People
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
ETDP QUALIFICATION 50333 Diploma: Occupationally-directed ETD Practices 4 x 5-day study schools Comprehensive Portfolio Guidelines R15 000,00 per person, per study school excl. VAT (R60 000,00 for all four study schools excl. VAT)
Course offered by: Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy
You really can make money with your writing. Whether you want to create your own business, add to your income, supplement your retirement, or boost what you're earning as a writer, you'll find the how-to's here. In just six weeks, I'll share secrets, methods, and tips to help you generate income
Course offered by: savschool
This course helps employers, employees and their representatives to deal with disciplinary and grievance situations in the workplace. Disciplinary situations include misconduct and/or poor performance. Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that employees raise with their employers.
Course offered by: AfriTrainEx
Through this Customer Service Training (Service Excellence Training) - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - your employees will learn how to build the culture of great internal customer service, and thereby deliver outstanding service to your exter
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
The course outline is designed to assist the learners with the approach and skills necessary to enter debt collection negotiations.
Course offered by: Staff Training
This practical 2 day Professional Office Manager training course will deliver “must-have” information necessary for optimising both your administration and people management skills.
Course offered by: CBM Training
With the global shift towards project based business, project management has become an essential business skill for all. Gone are the days when project management was reserved only for the professional project manager for large and complex projects.
Course offered by: AstroTech
This course is comprised of 7 modules. This course is intended for students who have a foundational working knowledge of PowerPoint 2016, who wish to take advantage of the application's higher-level usability, security, collaboration, and distribution functionality.
Course offered by: IT Certification Academy Pty Ltd
Short Programmes upgrade skills and knowledge to ensure success in a chosen field of learning, but are not credit bearing and not registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). *Course start dates and tuition fees are subject to change. DESCRIPTION
Course offered by: CityVarsity
For a project to succeed, the organization needs to support the process, customers need to be involved daily, teams need to be creative and self-disciplined, and project managers need to be able to facilitate and lead the team.
Course offered by: Arnold Ndlovu
BEE Training
Course offered by: Bconsult
This skills training programme is accredited by the ETDP SETA at NQF Level 5 for 10 credits. Program Outline
Course offered by: Synergistic Outcomes cc
Safety Health and Environmental Representatives training at a more advanced level including inclass workshop and outcomes based practicals. Please contact our offices for a more indept course overview
Course offered by: SRA SHE Solutions
For more information regarding this course visit our website at
Course offered by: Terotechnica Maintenance College
Course Content: 1. Working Efficiently • Design, Techniques and Hyperlinks 2. Text Editing • Text Effects, Design, Orientation and Animation 3. Paragraph editing • Paragraph Shading, Highlighting, Styles and Borders
Course offered by: Academy Training Group
The telephone is often the first point of contact people will have with your organisation, and it is vital that you create and sustain the right business image and impression.
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
Handling Discipline and Managing Poor Performance Training
Course offered by: POP Training and Consulting
Course offered by: Continuing Education at University of Pretoria
Course offered by: Commerce Edge South Africa Pty Ltd
Learning Programme overall purpose: To provide learners with the required knowledge and skills to apply leadership concepts in a work context People learning towards this Unit Standard are expected to be competent in: • Communication and mathematical literacy at NQF Level 3
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
Why this course is perfect for you? Do you have a good head for numbers? Can you balance a cheque book and handle multiple financial transactions without making any errors? If so, invest in your career by adding the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting to your skills set.
Course offered by: Damelin
Assertiveness is one of the key qualities to communicate effectively; it will assist you in being able to say 'No' when needed, build on confidence, decision making and relationships.
Course offered by: Keybase Computer Training - Benoni CC
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance measurement development is a discipline that involves articulating what an organization is trying to accomplish and then identifying the most meaningful and useful indicators of success.
Course offered by: Performance Management Institute - PMI Africa
This qualification has been designed to equip employees at a junior or middle management level or those who aspire to become junior /middle managers, with a holistic and more advanced view of the Logistics function and with knowledge of the principles and concepts that inform their daily activiti
Course offered by: Production Management Institute of SA


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