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Higher Education, a near-essential part of life. Referring to any studying done after Matric, higher education provides students with additional qualifications necessary to obtain specific jobs and advance themselves in life. Options for higher education include universities and colleges, offering qualifications on degree, diploma and certificate levels. Which of these levels of higher education you qualify to go into depends upon your Matric pass - it takes a Bachelor's pass to qualify to study for a degree, a Diploma pass for a diploma and a Higher Certificate pass for a certificate. Read on to see what your options are in terms of higher education and see how the field of higher education is changing in South Africa.

If you want to study at university or college in KwaZulu-Natal then you should be using the CAO. We'll show you how to check on your application status.

Taking risks is part of any good business. As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said, “In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.” But which risks should be taken and which ones are best avoided? That is a question for a well-trained risk manager.

The advent of AI reporters, as showcased by platforms such as NewsGPT.ai, has heralded a significant shift in the realm of journalism. As these technologies rise in prominence and capability, journalism schools across the globe are gearing up for a transformation unlike any before.

In the historically male-dominated engineering field, South African women are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and making significant strides. As the nation progresses towards greater gender equality across various career fields, more women are opting for careers in STEM, and in particular, engineering.


While distance learning has been around for decades, recent developments in technology coupled with rapid digitalisation in the wake of COVID-19 have seen it evolve dramatically in the last few years. As one of Africa’s leading distance learning institutions, STADIO Higher Education has developed and refined its distance learning platform to suit the needs of students who prefer this learning mode. 

South Africa’s economy is officially in the doldrums and all of us are being squeezed by rising food prices and rising interest rates. We need to think more carefully than ever about how we use our money and this free online course being offered by and Milpark Education’s School of Financial Services could help. 

In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, the importance of ongoing learning and development cannot be overstated. Professional development and continuing education play an important l role in enhancing skills, expanding knowledge, and staying competitive in one's field. 

The demand for higher education in South Africa far outstrips the places available at the country’s 26 publicly funded universities. Private tertiary institutions play a critical role in making quality further education more available to the population. This is not simply about offering more or alternative places in tertiary education.

The nursing profession is in high demand in South Africa due to a critical shortage of nurses. It is for this reason that both public and private institutions have an offering nursing qualifications that interested individuals may apply for.


In an industry that is evolving so rapidly, tertiary institutions need to keep up with the pace of change in e-commerce and ensure their graduates are equipped with the right skills when they enter the working world. 

As organisations are buffeted by endless change and disruption, there is an increase in focus on coaching for culture and engagement to build positive and resilient workplaces. In recent years, companies are grappling with significant forces impacting on organisational culture and employee engagement. 

For too long, South Africans perceived the design and décor field to consist of two main career options - Interior Design and Architecture. This has left a prominent gap in the market for the middle ground of Spatial Design.

Community Engagement should form a vital component of any successful and responsible higher education provider, not only because it is a moral imperative, but also because it is one of three key pillars of higher education alongside Teaching & Learning and Research.

Private tertiary education provider, STADIO, awarded its first two doctorate qualifications on Monday, 8 May 2023 to Emetia Meria Swart, who was conferred with a Doctor of Management degree, and Kennedy Kaumba Mabuku, who was conferred with a Doctor of Policing degree.

The match between a qualification and the prospects of finding employment is one of the things aspirant students need to take increasingly into consideration given tough economic conditions, an education expert says.

Usually when applying to universities, you will need to budget for application fees. Luckily, there are some universities that don't ask for one. 

Even though it is many people’s dream, the odds of becoming a millionaire are as slim as the chances of finding a winning lottery ticket. In this day and age, going to college or university is usually essential if you want to get a well-paying job one day, especially in such a saturated job market. However, this isn't always the right choice for everyone, so what alternative options are there? Keep reading to find out. 

Not receiving placement to your dream place of study can be stressful. However, the Central Application Clearing House gives rejected applicants a chance to be considered for placement at other institutions.


The Department of Basic Education has admitted that it continues to witness the ripple effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, hence matric results have been released late due to the disruptions. However, individuals that have passed their matric are being accommodated to gain admission in tertiary institutions.


With the rapid growth of private higher education in South Africa, prospective students now have a wealth of options when choosing not only what to study, but also where. So, public university or private institution?




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