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Higher Education, a near-essential part of life. Referring to any studying done after Matric, higher education provides students with additional qualifications necessary to obtain specific jobs and advance themselves in life. Options for higher education include universities and colleges, offering qualifications on degree, diploma and certificate levels. Which of these levels of higher education you qualify to go into depends upon your Matric pass - it takes a Bachelor's pass to qualify to study for a degree, a Diploma pass for a diploma and a Higher Certificate pass for a certificate. Read on to see what your options are in terms of higher education and see how the field of higher education is changing in South Africa.

Problems with unfavourable living conditions in student accommodation for Nsfas funded students have been a long-standing issue. However recent engagements with Nsfas and stake holder suggest that the bursary scheme has a plan in hand to resolve the issue. 

According to Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus & Business College, it is becoming increasingly important for students to choose one of the modern courses of study that are relevant to the modern times in which we are living and working.

Some significant budget adjustments have occurred as a result of the implementation of the Special Adjustment Budget. Higher education remains unaffected, but major concerns still remain. 

Across the country hundreds of thousands of young people recently entered Higher Education hoping to graduate in a few years so that they are qualified to enter the workplace.

The decision to return to college is not one that should be taken lightly. Here are the things to consider when deciding whether you should go back to college.

Do you have an interest in business and want to learn more? Milpark Education offers a variety of different courses on a range of different business focused courses.

Project management is a very dynamic, exciting, and profitable career choice. Did you know there are short curses available to gain insight into the project management field?

Every choice in life has negative and positive elements. So before you decide if you should take a gap year, check out this list of pro's and cons.

You might be considering studying abroad but are going back and forth. Furthering your education in another country could be the best move you make, here's why.

Interested in applying to Unisa for the 2023 academic year? Here is when applications will open.

How do you avoid becoming another statistic? You can start by understanding why students walk away from their studies.

Women's Month is a time to reflect on the work and social gains made by women in South Africa. However, for some of your employees, it could be a time to stop and ask themselves how they can better their lives in the future.

Throughout your life, you've probably picked up some skills that weren't explicitly taught to you in a formal setting.

This course is designed to help you head up a work unit or assist with supervising the work completed by individuals and teams. This Supervision short course will show you how to transition into a supervisory role.

Today's world is digital, which means that we are moving more and more to digital platforms in the modern world. Computers have become essential tools for many facets of life, from work and education to personal leisure.

A new partnership could see fewer postgraduate students slipping through the cracks. This is thanks to an initiative which aims to create a seamless funding transition for students.

With this year’s National Budget Speech, education, once again, received the majority share of our government’s annual spending.

The Engen Computer School has been transforming lives in South Durban for 13 years and is fast approaching 2 500 graduates who have had their prospects of finding employment enhanced after receiving the basic computer skills training offered by the school. 

Unemployment, poverty and inequality have become the biggest challenges facing South Africa in a generation. Stefan Botha, CEO of education company Optimi (which is owned by PSG), gives insight into how private sector education companies are ready and willing to play a big role in boosting access to education in SA and addressing these massive challenges. 

Across South Africa, thousands of successful matriculants are about to embark on a new and vital stage of their educational journey.  It’s widely recognised that gaining some kind of tertiary education enhances young people’s opportunities to find fulfilling work and meet their future career and life goals. 




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