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There's an app for just about everything these days, and education is no different. Technology can be of enormous help in teaching and learning and the use of educational apps is changing the way students study around the world. Designed to anything from provide advanced study methods - such as a Flash Card app - to preventing procrastination - block the use of those apps you sink all your time into - educational apps are revolutionizing the world of education.
It's the 21st century and there is no reason to be afraid of including technology in our studying - used properly, educational apps can significantly boost your productivity levels and your marks. Look below for all the latest news about educational apps in South Africa and stay up to date on our rapidly changing world.

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An online mathematics club in the heart of rural Limpopo started by a business student is showing that even the poorest communities can find ways to leverage technology for learning.

Much has been said of South Africa’s skills shortages, with many businesses investing heavily in skills and training programmes to fill the gaps they have in their own businesses.

The free Windows 10 upgrade came to an end on 29 July, exactly one year after the operating system (OS) first became available to consumers. This means that as of now, users will have to buy the full OS from the various retailers across the country.

Google has, at a press conference in Johannesburg, announced its commitment to train one million young Africans in digital skills in the next year.

With the academic year in full swing, learners and students at schools and higher education institutions throughout the country are starting to take stock of the academic mountain they need to climb in the months to come. In 2016, this mountain has become much easier to scale, thanks to some fantastic applications developed to make the mastering of coursework and organising one’s life much easier, an expert says.

One of the most visible and important trends in the world today is how education is moving into the digital age.

With the SA National Senior Certificate Exams set to kick off in two weeks’ time, matrics should now start putting the final touches on their preparation for probably the most important exams in their lives.

Winners take home R150 000 for app that bridges the gap between busy parents and children’s school.



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