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Now known as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, what were previously called FET colleges provide after-school education for those who choose not to attend a traditional university. Offering courses in a wide variety of fields, TVET or FET colleges focus on providing education and training to students in marketable and practical skills to allow them to qualify to do a myriad of jobs. TVET or FET colleges offer a popular alternative to university studies for students who were not accepted to study a degree and are of great import in South Africa. The number of TVET colleges is increasing rapidly, providing students with marketable skills and the ability to do essential jobs. This is how TVET or FET colleges will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of South Africans.

A group of retired chattered accountants are to be moved in to the Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges to work as Chief Financial Officers (CFOS) in response to the request made by Minister Blade Nzimande.

The status of FET colleges received a great deal of attention from the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande during a media briefing prior to the 4th budget vote for the Department of Higher education and Training (DHET).

In an effort to facilitate the roll-out of funding in FET colleges, SAICA has recruited chartered accountants and industry veterans to act as vetting administrative assistants. This is in response to Minister Blade Nzimande's request for assistance in this process.

The importance of FET colleges in boosting skills development in the country was highlighted by President Jacob Zuma when he met with the heads of Further Education and Training Colleges at the crucial skills development summit.

As part of the aims set out in the National Skills Development Strategy, government will allocate a total of R2.5 billion towards the refurbishment and construction of new campuses of Further Education and Training colleges.

During the 1st Annual Quality Conference, higher education stakeholders were informed about the quality of teaching and learning in the country and received tools to improve the quality of service they provide to their organisations.

President Jacob Zuma is expected to meet with the heads of Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges to address the level of skills development and discuss how the country can produce the scarce skills that are necessary to make the comprehensive national infrastructure development programme a success.

As part of the FET Colleges Improvement Project launched by government to support the Limpopo Department of Education, staff at seven Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges in Limpopo will receive outstanding pay progression payments to the value of R1,5 million.

Lifelong learning is at the base of quality education and both learners and educators need to be engaged in this process. These were the sentiments of MerSeta CEO, Dr Raymond Patel during his address on quality learning and teaching.

The management of FET colleges will officially fall under the Department of Higher Education and Training once the FET amendment bill is signed by President Jacob Zuma, which is due to happen 'shortly' according to Higher Education and Training Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande.

FET funding, college registration and the migration of FET colleges were some of the issues that topped the agenda at a recent press conference attended by the Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande.

A lack of resources and limited internet connectivity have been hampering the performance of students and teachers at the Tshwane North College but the decision to partner with the Department of Communications is expected to transform the way education is delivered at the institution.

The immense shortage of skilled personnel in the country is being addressed through FET colleges and private institutions. As universities reach capacity prospective students are urged to consider other higher learning options to meet the demand for skilled professionals.

Colleges of Agriculture are to become national Agricultural Training Institutes (ATIs). The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has completed a comprehensive audit of these institutions and is in the process of transforming them into ATIs.

As part of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP), about 148 rural community members have been appointed to renovate the Marapyane Educational College. Local young people are receiving training in various trades such as painting, bricklaying, plumbing, welding, amongst others, ensuring that all the work is done by the community.

An agreement between the Department of Public Works and FET colleges which will fall under the umbrella of the Expanded Public Works Programme, will see over 32 0000 learners receive practical training and exposure to the job market. Since its inception the EPWP has created approximately one million job opportunities.

Are you still hoping to enrol at a tertiary institution this year? While many further education institutions have closed their registration doors , FET college, TBISA (Tourism and Business Institute of South Africa) continues to accept enrolments in a range of accredited courses.

The largest public sector union, NEHAWU, is planning a march to protest against the poor management of FET Colleges. The union has claimed that poor students are the ones who will suffer the most if action is not taken by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Learners who have not been accepted at university, should be encouraged to register at Further Education and Training (FET) colleges or local skills training centres. The KwaZulu-Natal Premier Dr Zweli Mkhize has called upon FET colleges to ensure that there are sufficient places to accommodate these students -and on private business to provide the finance to enable disadvantaged students to access these institutions.

As a Further Education and Training institution, Central Johannesburg College's mandate is to help people in the margins of society by bringing them into the mainstream through vocational training. Their recent Job Fair was held to create a platform for youth with vocational qualifications to meet prospective employers in a neutral environment.

The Central Johannesburg College for Public Further Education and Training is hosting its third annual Job Fair on 30 November 2010. The fair will take the form of an exhibition where businesses from both the public and private sectors will be able to showcase their companies and allow their Human Resources (HR) and Skills Development personnel to meet with students to discuss opportunities within their organisations.

NSFAS Many universities have received an influx of applications which will lead to thousands of young people being turned down due to limited space. Where does this leave those hoping to further their education next year? FET Colleges are still open for applications - and bursaries are available.

In another disruption of exams, more than 100 students at the Lowveld College of Agriculture in Mbombela disrupted examinations and barricaded the school entrance. The students had a number of grievances. For details ...

Funding of FET colleges, kindles for learners, integrating NLRD data with other databases, NC(V) drop out and pass rates - Professor Mary Metcalfe provided a stimulating range of discussion points in her opening address to the TVET and FET conference. For more details ...


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