FET Colleges

Now known as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, what were previously called FET colleges provide after-school education for those who choose not to attend a traditional university. Offering courses in a wide variety of fields, TVET or FET colleges focus on providing education and training to students in marketable and practical skills to allow them to qualify to do a myriad of jobs. TVET or FET colleges offer a popular alternative to university studies for students who were not accepted to study a degree and are of great import in South Africa. The number of TVET colleges is increasing rapidly, providing students with marketable skills and the ability to do essential jobs. This is how TVET or FET colleges will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of South Africans.

Those responsible for managing FET Colleges have been asked to disclose
their financial
positions, including funding from external sources, in order to weed out
activities and unethical behaviour.

The partnership between Setas and FET Colleges has been cemented in the Western
Cape now that three new Seta offices have been established. The purpose of the
initiative is to promote FET Colleges and offer local students greater access to
workplace opportunities.

25 schools and FET colleges from across South Africa participated in context
challenges that require real-world technological solutions, in one of SA's most popular
science and engineering competitions.

The implications of the Green Paper on Post School Education and Training is one of
the topics that will be addressed by Minister Blade Nzimande in hte North South VCET
ICT Conference. He is also expected to tackle the issue of distance learning in higher

Two FET college campuses have been shut down due to violent protests and
intimidation from
a group of rebel students. The seven students have been suspended and will face
legal action if they continue to harass lecturers and disrupt educational activity.

Many are wondering if the Nkandla municipality received preference in the plans to
build FET colleges around the country. However, these accusations have been heavily
refuted by the Minister of Higher education and Training, Blade Nzimande.

The transformation of traditional teaching methods is required if South Africa hopes to
improve its education system. This means moving away from teacher-centred
education models toward "learning emancipation".

The Vhembe FET College has been the fortunate beneficiary of high-tech electrical
engineering equipment provided by Eskom. This contribution is in line with
government’s objective to create an enabling environment for all FET colleges and
forms part of the Youth month celebrations.

The 1st Annual National FET Conference 2013 will take place this September and
practitioners, experts academics and researchers in the FET sector have been urged
to register online and join the mission to solve some of the biggest challenges facing
the FET sector.

Engineering students at FET colleges will have to wait a bit longer to receive their
trimester results as the DHET refuses to publish results which it says have been
compromised. The College of Cape Town has come out in support of the DHET's



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