FET Colleges

Now known as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, what were previously called FET colleges provide after-school education for those who choose not to attend a traditional university. Offering courses in a wide variety of fields, TVET or FET colleges focus on providing education and training to students in marketable and practical skills to allow them to qualify to do a myriad of jobs. TVET or FET colleges offer a popular alternative to university studies for students who were not accepted to study a degree and are of great import in South Africa. The number of TVET colleges is increasing rapidly, providing students with marketable skills and the ability to do essential jobs. This is how TVET or FET colleges will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of South Africans.

FET colleges are institutions ideally suited for those wishing to make up their "matric'
and for those wishing to study subjects that will lead to a vocational career path. The
Green Paper sets a target of four million enrolments in FET colleges and other nonand#8208;
university post school institutions by 2030.

As part of government's plan to introduce free education R2 billion will be allocated to
Further Education and Training (FET) college students. Young people have been
encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities created by government?s
investment in student financial aid.

A nursing college has been closed down by the Gauteng Department of Health following a week-long illegal protest and class disruptions by students. The students demanded that three Heads of Department be removed from the college.

Limpopo police have appealed to all Seshego students who have been ripped off by
the FET college scam to come forward and provide details. The Seshego FET College
in Zone 7 has officially been closed down.

The Hawks police unit in Limpopo cracked down on three unregistered Further Education and Training colleges and three people accused of running the bogus FET colleges.

Northlink College has piloted a partnership with the Department of Community Safety and Security to address the high numbers of unemployed youth in various poverty stricken areas. They would be given training opportunities and also an education.

The ongoing investigation into the exam leak at a private FET college has revealed
that some of the suspects were writing exams on behalf of students. These suspects
have now been remanded in custody pending their bail application.

The examination leak at the Mpumalanga Further Education and Training (FET) College
is set to be investigated by a select team of markers who have been assigned by the
Department of Higher Education and Training to shed light on the scandal.

The quality and relevance of courses offered by FET colleges relies in part on the relationships between higher education institutions, business, industry and Setas. The DHET has made this element one of its focus points in its turnaround strategy to improve FET colleges.

The turnaround strategy spearheaded by the Department of Higher Education and Training aims to solve the key challenges facing FET colleges and to turn these institutions into sustainable environments where the quality of teaching and learning produces a skilled workforce.



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