Institutions of higher education, universities offer both undergraduate and postgraduate education for students. Many students who pass Matric go on to study at one of the universities in South Africa or around the world, continuing their education. Some stop after their Bachelor's degree, while others go on to be awarded their Honours, Masters and Doctorates. Universities are an essential part of society, providing tertiary education to each new group of students and preparing them for demanding, skill-intensive jobs. Without universities, we would be without doctors, engineers and mathematicians, to name a few. Look below for news relating to universities, fees and registration, as well as the challenges facing tertiary education in South Africa.

The Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training has condemned a
reported racist attack on black students at the University of the Free State.
The committee believes that tertiary institutions, should be the safest places
for citizens.

To promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research among research-
performing institutions, Stellenbosch University will host yet another Centre of

The establishment of the Sol Plaatje University is a significant milestone for
the expansion of knowledge and skills, which will contribute towards a
modern economy in the Northern Cape.

This follows an earlier incident where an attempt to drive over three female
black students was made by the same culprits on the same day. An
altercation ensued, where other derogatory racist remarks were hurled

A three-year project to develop an Enterprise Systems (ES) education
platform, curriculum and community has been launched for African students
who are interested in broadening their ICT skill sets.

The University of Mpumalamga has opened its doors and the Higher Education
and Training Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana announced plans to increase
student intake and expand the university in the next 10 years.

The opening of the Sol Plaatje and Mpumalanga universities forms part of
governments' National Development Plan to increase enrollments in higher
education by 2030.

With the aim of making higher education more accessible in rural areas the
University of Mpumalanga will officially be opened for learning. The institution
has already admitted 160 students.

Researchers at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa are on the
brink of a breakthrough in developing mobile applications that will
revolutionise the way deaf and hearing people communicate.

Registration for the 2014 North West University Preparatory Programme is in
full swing and applicants are invited to apply for admission. The University
preparatory programme (UniPrep)?provides access to BCom, BTh and BA
Development Studies degrees.



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