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Services Seta has been piloting a cognitive enrichment programme in three distinct target markets in their sector since 2007. Since then, they have trained in excess of 400 practitioners of this learning methodology in the country, and this year in June they are hosting a 2-day conference to some of the country's best teachers, trainers, HR practitioners, policy makers and therapists.

"Occupational training should begin in Grade 10 and continue through to Matric," says Services Seta CEO Ivor Blumenthal. His Seta has developed a programme which will help young people get workplace experience while still at school, and fast track their careers once they get into the job market.

The Minister of Health, acting through the Health Professions Council on-behalf of the Professional Board of Psychology is misguided in its recent shock-attempt to find a meaningful role for Psychologists

"Equity Equivalency is a perfect foil against foreign companies threatening to pull out of South Africa and makes absolute sense from the perspective of the multi-national. It is however unfortunate that it serves to drive a wedge between local and International operators in South Africa," writes Services Seta CEO Ivor Blumenthal.

Ivor Blumenthal sees the assessors and moderators operating within the services sector as, 'the true soldiers for skills development in this country". While some might argue that a good assessor can assess learners in any subject - the Services Seta CEO believes that a 'constituency' system brings greater accountability.

Setas are directed by the National Skills Authority (NSA) to only spend our discretionary funding on activities classified by the Department of Labour as "Scarce Skills' activities.

"It is difficult to publicly admit," says Services Seta CEO Ivor Blumenthal, "but we are nevertheless failing people with disabilities terribly". "Yes we meet our targets annually but the question remains whether we have generally improved the plight of the disabled to find meaningful, productive gainful employment," asks Blumenthal.

Should the levies paid by business into the National Skills Fund be removed from the Setas and spent on development projects in rural areas? No, says Services Seta CEO Ivor Blumenthal, who asks why business representatives on the National Skills Authority stood by while R1 billion that could have been used by Setas was distributed to the nine provinces.

Ivor Blumenthal, CEO of the Services Seta, has paid tribute to the late Shaun Schwanzer as, "a true human resources practitioner and professional who will be sorely missed. He wanted Human Resource Professionals to become accountable for their actions, not only to their Employers, but specifically to the Profession as a well self-regulated and officially acknowledge structure responsible to the Minister of Labour for their actions and behaviours".

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