Corporate Governance and Ethics

We are at a defining moment in history where the state of the world has recently been described by a UN official as one that is characterised by conflict, crises and catastrophes. Now more than ever there is a need for ethical corporate decision-making.

Do you steal or waste time at work? Conducting yourself with integrity is about more than doing the right thing, it means doing the right thing when no-one is looking. Elmarie Pretorius talks about the importance of transparency and honesty in the workplace.

Information management is a critical part of corporate governance and the latest King III report is aimed at establishing guidelines for the management and protection of information, emphasising the link between IT and corporate governance.

White collar crime is one of the leading causes of a blackened corporate image as statistics reveal it as the origin of 18% of reported business crises. Consumer activisim and labour disputes are two more reasons for managers to tighten security systems and operational crisis management plans.

How should we address unethical behaviour in the workplace? Whether its stealing stationary or company profits many employees are confronted with unethical behaviour on a daily basis and feel at a loss to deal with it. In his video David Batstone provides practical steps to addressing this common issue.



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